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17 ideas for furnishing a kitchen for a small apartment


A kitchen is a place where a woman spends most of her time.

Therefore, ideally, in this room, everything should cause positive emotions. However, not everyone in the kitchen has enough space to arrange everything necessary.

In this review, we collected 17 ideas for the design of a modern interior for a small-sized kitchen.

1. Kitchen without lockers

Idea for those who do not like a large number of cupboards in the kitchen.

2. Modern kitchen

An interesting idea for a small-sized kitchen.

3. Bright kitchen with splashes of black and salad shades

If you have a studio apartment, do not be sad, this kitchen option is for you.

4. Narrow kitchen in light blue tone

A narrow kitchen is not a problem. Even from this kitchen you can make candy.

5. Spacious kitchen

If you have very little space in the kitchen, you should not lose a single meter. Mark such a convenient and practical idea for a small kitchen.

6. Light cozy kitchen

The basis of color for such a kitchen is light, and the selected details will only add comfort and a pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen.

7. High-tech kitchen

Light and modern kitchen, "brick" wall does not harm the overall interior.

Great idea for those who want something new.

8. Kitchen in bright colors with a roof window

Due to the window the kitchen will always be well lit.

9. The combination of light and dark tones.

It looks great, the dining table can be replaced with a bar counter.

10. Classic style for the kitchen

Classic style always looks perfect.

11. Kitchen in beige tones.

This kitchen option will appeal to any hostess.

12. Kitchen in yellow tones.

If you want a bright and sunny touch for the kitchen, the yellow color is perfect for making your idea a reality.

Summer will reign all year long in your kitchen.

13. Kitchen in green

The kitchen in this color will always delight you and remind you of warm summer days.

14. Stylish kitchen in dark colors.

The color of the kitchen walls is light, but dark furniture and dark curtains will make the kitchen more stylish and modern.

15. Kitchen, in which there is nothing superfluous

It’s a good idea to use a tabletop instead of a table along the sill.

16. Small-sized kitchen

To use every corner of the kitchen, corner boxes and cabinets to the ceiling that you can fill completely will be comfortable.

17. Kitchen in light cream style

Curtains are no longer fashionable, do not even think of hanging them, fabric blinds, that's what will look perfect in your kitchen.

18. Kitchen with pull-out table

A good idea for those who do not have quite a place for a separate dinner table.

19. Kitchen with notes of ocean color

Such a small, beautiful and capacious kitchen will be praised by any guest of your home.