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A small working island for a tiny kitchen for every taste and budget.


Autonomous work area is not replaceable and multifunctional element in the kitchen and the area of ​​the room in this case does not matter. Even a small kitchen deserves to have a working island installed in it.

We offer 25 practical ideas for implementing ambitious plans for modest apartments.

Kitchen Islands may be different

Rustic Kitchen Island

The benefits of installing a kitchen working island are obvious. You get:

1. Additional work surface

2. Zone for eating

3. Additional storage space for items.

Copper Kitchen Island

Folding kitchen island

If you choose the right working island in size, it will not interfere, despite the fact that there is not enough space in the kitchen. It will be practical to arrange a special place, a peculiar ledge where you can sit comfortably, and places where you can remove the chair if it is not used. If the selected surface does not allow to equip such a protrusion in size, then the surface should be longer. The worktop of the kitchen island should be of a suitable size and fairly durable.

Sizing autonomous work area

Industrial style kitchen island

Hinged kitchen island

If you decide to install an autonomous work area in your kitchen, you need to choose the right dimensions. Designers are advised to choose an island so that between it and kitchen cabinets, previously installed around the perimeter of the kitchen, were 90-105 cm. the furniture is arranged in an L-shape.

Small kitchen island

Butcher's table on wheels

A 90 cm wide passage will allow two people to cross each other, so if you don’t expect heavy traffic in the kitchen, you can reduce this passage to 80 cm. Before buying a kitchen island, use newspapers or other improvised means to separate the place where you are going to install it so that everything is well thought out and measured. Moreover, you can always order it, based on individual sizes, desired forms and materials.

Restaurant-class Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island Dresser

Metal kitchen island

Visit the department in the store where they sell equipment for kitchens restaurants and buy a kitchen island there, made of stainless steel. Such work surfaces are much lighter, more durable and available in different sizes, there is even a width of 40 cm, in addition, they are not expensive. Choose a place where there is a place for towels, hooks and an open plan shelf. If there are wheels on the legs, then they can be used to move the working island to any convenient sector, although the working surfaces of this class are very light and it is not difficult to rearrange them without the wheels.

Butcher's table

Pull out drawer

The most ideal autonomous work area is the butcher's table. The best option for the kitchen will be a model in which you can easily put stools on the sides for a snack.

Redeveloped kitchen furniture

Kitchen island table on wheels

The easiest and cheapest way, if you want to equip an autonomous kitchen island, is considered to be an option when using any piece of furniture for these purposes.

Coffee table

mobile kitchen island

The coffee table is very compact, as it should not interfere with the passage between it and the sofa. In addition, they are available in different sizes and different styles. On average, the height of such a table is 76 cm.

Chest of drawers

Kitchen island table

Old chest can be converted into an autonomous work area. Choose a model so that it has a lot of drawers and shelves.

High dining table

Kitchen island with breakfast nook

Narrow kitchen island on wheels

A high-quality dining table with the right proportions can be an ideal stand-alone kitchen island, used for eating, cooking, and as a work surface. Add a few hooks on one side so that you can place the necessary items on them.

Folding table

kitchen island rack

You can get an additional work surface with a folding table. Raise the lower part of the table when cooking and lower to save space if necessary. If it is not possible to install such a table, then attach a folding element to an already existing table or any working surface. This item can be installed on the wall. It can serve both as an extra place for eating and preparing meals.

Built-in work area

Restaurant Kitchen Island

If you set the table in the center of the kitchen for the butcher does not work, then use the ideas of the built-in kitchen island.

Retractable bollard

Kitchen island with sink

If there is a place in the kitchen where you can hide the work area, take advantage of this opportunity. Install an autonomous working area of ​​such dimensions so that it can be easily removed in a special niche. Such a working surface can be one of the drawers installed in the kitchen.

Autonomous working area on wheels

Tiny Kitchen Island