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How to sharpen a ceramic knife at home: effective ways and tips for sharpening


At present, familiar objects acquire all new forms and modifications, are made from different materials with unique properties. One of these products are knives.

If earlier they were mostly steel, today ceramic and other analogues appear, which also have their advantages and disadvantages.

Unusual design

Advantages and disadvantages

There are several significant advantages in using knives of this type, which should be taken into account. But you also need to consider some pitfalls and flaws.

The sharpness assuming simplicity of cut. These are critical parameters on the basis of which many people choose these products.Fragility, if the product falls, it may break.
Long service time. Without sharpening such products can do for a long time.Difficulties of sharpening, since it can be carried out only through the use of a material equipped with a diamond coating
The presence of zirconium oxide in the composition prevents oxidative processes, so odors will not spreadThe length of the blades is not more than 18 cm, so when cutting large products may inconvenience
Optimal assistant in the process of teaching children. For example, if you need to teach your child culinary skills, such a knife will cope with this task just fineDue to fragility, there are risks of extremely short product life.
Its appearance is attractive and does not cause the feeling that this is a dangerous object.___________

In connection with these advantages, the overestimated cost of products can be considered quite justified. Although this is not the whole list of pros and cons, but the main features that should be considered when purchasing certain products are indicated.

Effective stylization under a tree

Sharpening options

There are several ways to sharpen knives:

  • at home with a sharpener;
  • personally using the circle;
  • to give the product into the hands of specialists.

Original option for lovers of unusual

Diamond sharpener application

In this case, it is worth proceeding from your own skills, and also aiming at the correctness of the whole process and the quality of the sharpener, which can be mechanical or electrical. In both cases, a diamond disc is used. But the first option, as a rule, is cheaper, but the sharpening procedure lasts longer.

Important! Electric sharpeners allow you to perform the entire process as quickly and efficiently as possible, while you do not need to make a lot of effort.

Sharpener for ceramic knives

At the choice of a product it is worth relying on for what type of sharpening it is made. For example, Japanese knives carry out a one-sided process, and there are products for double-sided sharpening.

On a note! It is also worth remembering that there is a European and Asian type of knives, which differ in the level of sharpening and the angle. It is 15 ° and 20 ° respectively.

A set of bright knives will attract attention in any kitchen

For the kitchen in pastel colors

Using a circle with a work surface

Another option for sharpening knives at home is the use of a special grinding machine, where a diamond-coated circle is installed. You can do the work yourself, for this you need to turn on the machine at low revs, and during sharpening, press the knife as moderately as possible to the circle. The cutting edge will have a convex character, and the sharpening angle will be 25 °.

Important! The more fragile the blade, the smaller this indicator.

For self-sharpening take a lot of time. And for a good result, it is worth having experience sharpening knives.

For those who prefer a strict style.

It is important to know! If you do not have experience with similar products, contact a specialized workshop. It will cost more, but the process will be safe, and the result will delight you.

What recommendations should be followed

There are several professional tips that will allow you to do the job correctly.

  1. In the absence of sharpeners, you can use the circle, while the procedure involves the need for increased attention and maximum caution.
  2. Sharpening can be one-sided or double-sided. The first option is less professional, and the second is suitable for right-handers and left-handers. Of course, it is worth giving preference to universal variation.
  3. Ceramic product, which has a good sharpening, has a bulge. After all, ceramics is a rather fragile material. Thanks to this process, the blade is more durable.

These are the main recommendations for improving the quality of sharpening.

On a note! If you want a ceramic knife to serve you properly, you should take care of its timely and high-quality sharpening. It is rationally conducted this process will provide you with comfort when cutting products. You will be able to cook with such a knife without much difficulty and effort.