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17 peeped tricks that will make your home stylish without big investments


How often in the news feeds we come across mind-blowing interiors, designed by renowned designers.

Of course, few people would refuse such a thing, but you can transform your home without large investments.

We have collected 17 clever tricks that will help to make the interior more comfortable.

1. Bright carpet

Bright carpet in the interior.

Even in the most cheerful interior there is a place for a bright carpet. And in a calm, monochrome room, it is simply necessary. With the help of a contrasting shade, you can completely change the dynamics and mood of the space. Therefore, if you want change without high costs, purchase a new carpet and several accessories of the same color.

2. Wooden beams

Beamed ceiling decor.

Wooden beams look very cool and unusual, but most city dwellers believe that such ceiling decor is too expensive and out of place in the apartment. Indeed, the installation of such elements from natural wood can be quite difficult. It is quite another thing - beams made of polyurethane. They look like a real tree, but are very light and fasten in two bills.

3. Window opening

Elegant window design.

To refine a window, to cover an old unsightly frame, and also to hide errors of finishing will help wide foam plinths. Just cover them with a window opening and frames and enjoy the updated look of the old window.

4. Posters and photographs

Posters and photographs in the interior.

Posters and photos pasted on the walls with scotch tape look very cheap and pathetic. But, enclosed in laconic frames, these things can become spectacular wall decorations and a central interior detail.

5. Natural materials

Accessories from rough wood.

Furniture and accessories from natural wood will help to make the interior stylish and cozy. Best of all, the details of coarse wood look in the interiors with a light finish.

6. Mirrors

Mirrors on the walls.

Mirrors are a complete element of home decor that can be used to decorate walls. Such decor objects will help to play with lighting, visually enlarge the room, make it deeper and more elegant.

7. Floor and furniture

Beautiful floor.

You are very mistaken, considering that finishing the floor has little effect on the appearance of the space. Floor covering is just as important a design element as wallpaper. To draw attention to the modern decoration, as well as to make the interior more elegant, will help a little trick: the furniture should be a little torn from the floor, that is, have legs or be suspended. Designers assure that, the more the surface of the floor is visible, the more advantageous the interior looks.

8. Contrast solution

Light walls and dark floor.

If you want your home to look stylish and luxurious, create a contrast. The combination of light walls and dark wooden floor looks very impressive and noble.

9. Wide plinths

Expansion of plinths.

Surprisingly, such a trifle, as a wide plinth can significantly transform the appearance of space. Just glue another plinth just above the main one, and paint over the free space. Such a trick will make the room visually roomier and bring a touch of elegance to it.

10. Fretwork

Stucco around the chandelier.

A round plastic panel with imitation of stucco will be a wonderful decoration of the ceiling with a classical chandelier. Such an insignificant, at first glance, detail will add a touch of luxury to the interior and make the room elegant.

11. Masonry

Wall with imitation masonry.

Imitation of stonework on one of the walls is a trendy and quite popular technique that can transform the interior, make it interesting and cozy. In addition, this design solution works great in combination with a competent lighting. The uneven surface of an artificial stone beautifully scatters light, casts shadows and creates an atmosphere of mystery in the room.

12. Ladder design

Ideas decor stairs.

If you still have a carpet on your staircase, get rid of it as soon as possible. Instead, upgrade the steps with original paintwork or ceramic tiles.

13. Living plants

Plants in the interior.

To make the plants look stylish and adorn the interior, arrange them in small groups, rather than one by one. And grouping indoor flowers, take into account their size. Ideally, the composition should consist of plants of different heights.

14. Decorative pillows

Beautiful sofa cushions.

Do not save on decor elements - they create a cosiness to the room. Cushions can be a bit, but they must be made of a nice quality fabric.

15. Wood detail

Wooden doorway frame.

The doorway, decorated with a frame of coarse wood, is an original solution that will refresh the interior, make it dynamic and interesting.

16. Patterns

Update ceramic tiles.

Renew ceramic tiles with a neat paint finish. To do this, you need a special water-repellent paint, which can cover the entire masonry as a whole or apply a simple pattern under the stencil.

17. Long curtains

Luxury long curtains.

High-quality long curtains from the ceiling to the floor itself will visually lift the ceiling and make the room higher. In addition, this trick will transform even the most simple interior.

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