Useful ideas

16 ways to turn an unsightly gray corner into a practical and stylish space.


When an apartment or house does not have a large square, every corner of the space counts.

And you need to use it as practical as possible.

Storage system, place for reading, area for organizing a dining room - in our review there are still a lot of cool ideas that everyone will love!

Storage space

Corner table for storing small items.

A tiny and unsightly angle will do the job perfectly, for example, if you equip storage systems here. When it is quite small, it is enough to put a small table / console / cabinet here and use it to store all small things. In that case, if the angle allows, it can be equipped with open shelves or even put a rack in it.

An example of how to use the angle for storage.

Open shelves in the corner.

Stylish corner design.

Beautiful and neat corner design.

Dinner Zone

Dining area in the corner.

Often in small-sized is not a place for a full dining area. Correct the situation will help those very corners to which we so rarely pay attention. Especially if free is available in the living room or kitchen by the window. In this area you can place a small sofa and a couple of chairs, as well as a compact table of square or round shape. To visually lighten the space, you can buy furniture made of transparent plastic or acrylic. Such items look modern, interesting and do not clutter up space.

Compact dining area in the corner.

Place to read

Corner for reading and rest.

Book lovers will definitely appreciate this idea, because finding a secluded place to read in a small apartment is not an easy task. To organize a comfortable area where you could spend time with a book, you will need a comfortable armchair, a floor lamp and a pedestal (or a small rack, open shelves) where your favorite printed copies will fit. Fluffy decorative pillows, a soft blanket, a skin under the legs, and a houseplant on the floor will help to bring in a touch of comfort.

Reading area.

Reader's corner.

Practical use of the free angle.

Angle can look beautiful.

For a comfortable sleep

Sleeping area in the corner.

Surprisingly, but the idle angle can be used even for organizing a recreation area. Put a compact bed or an ottoman here, put a laconic design on the wall, make several open shelves to store books on them or put family photos in frames. It will turn out very cozy, nice and at the same time, the corner will be refined.

Rest and sleep area.

Green corner

Residents of cities often do not have enough communication with nature, the fast rhythm of life does not allow one to escape and go somewhere in the woods or at least outside the city. But you can make green notes in your interior, thereby reviving it. Just for this purpose, a free corner comes in handy, where shelves with plants or even one beautiful big flower in a pot will look great.

Green corner.

Like in the gallery

And one more original way to use an unattractive corner is to organize an exhibition of family photos or favorite posters / paintings in it. Here it is worth giving free rein to fantasy and not to limit it to one or two frames, let them be much more. So the interior will look much more interesting.

Cool corner decoration with posters and photos.