Useful ideas

Stunning ideas for organizing space in the bathroom


Bathroom - a special place in the house, which requires a special organization of space. On the one hand, this is a place where people put themselves in order, and on the other hand, this is a real power unit.

Therefore, special requirements are placed on the bathroom.

We have collected in one review the best ideas that will help to clean up the bathroom.

1. Original storage system

Storage of small things in flower pots.

You can place combs, cosmetics and toothbrushes in small flower pots. This budget storage system looks stylish and original.

2. Hanger on the mirror

A small hanger on the suckers.

On the mirror in the bathroom you can place a small hanger on the suction cups, which is ideal for storing hairpins, elastics, washcloths, jewelry and hairbrushes.

3. Hanger and shelf

Shelf with hooks.

Compact shelf with hooks fits perfectly into the interior of a small bath. On hooks, you can hang towels and bathrobes, and on top to place cosmetics and personal care products.

4. Wall mounted dryer

Folding wall dryer.

A small folding wall-mounted dryer will perfectly fit even the smallest bathroom.

5. Bathroom shelf

Wooden shelf-table.

A small wooden shelf-table will make long water procedures as comfortable as possible. It can accommodate a book, a glass of wine and a telephone. In addition, such a shelf is easy to do by hand.

6. Console plumbing

Hanging toilet and washbasin.

Console toilet and washbasin - perfectly fit into the interior of a small bathroom. Such plumbing looks fashionable and modern, and does not clutter up the space.

7. The space under the sink

Open shelf under the sink.

Open chrome shelf under the sink looks less cumbersome than an ordinary cabinet. Nevertheless, such a shelf is able to accommodate many necessary things.

8. Cabinet above the toilet

Cabinet above the toilet.

The space above the toilet can be used to accommodate a spacious locker. Such a cabinet will help to solve not only the issue of storing necessary things, but will also become an original decorative element of the bathroom.

9. Narrow shelves

Open wooden shelves.

A lot of narrow shelves near the sink will help solve the problem of storing cosmetic accessories.

10. Mobile shelf

Stylish shelf on wheels.

A tidy shelf on wheels can be a great alternative to banal thumbs.

11. Dressing table

Round dressing table.

The original dressing table with built-in cabinets will be a wonderful decoration for the bathroom.

12. Shelves in a niche

Niche with shelves.

Additional shelves can be hidden in a special niche in the wall. These shelves will make the bathroom space more functional.

13. Open cabinet

Open wall cabinet.

Cosmetics and perfumes can be placed in an open cabinet near the sink.

14. Vintage furniture

New life of old buffet and stairs.

A wonderful example of turning an old buffet into a vintage bathroom cabinet. And from the old stairs you can make an original towel rack.

15. Glasses

Original storage system.

Plastic cups attached to the wall will help solve the problem of storing small items in the bathroom.

16. Named containers

Plastic storage containers.

Named plastic containers for storing personal hygiene items will help to restore and maintain order in the bathroom.

17. Placement of washing machine

Narrow washing machine over the toilet.

A washing machine is a must-have in the bathroom, however it takes up a lot of space. You can solve this problem by hanging the washing machine above the toilet.