Useful ideas

20 inspirational ideas for using vintage bathroom tiles


Finishing the bathroom - one of the primary tasks in the arrangement of the home. Bathroom, first of all, should be practical and as comfortable as possible.

When finishing it, it is important to prioritize correctly: the color and design of sanitary elements, household appliances, and, of course, we should not ignore the question of choosing a tile.

1. Cute washstands for the whole family.

Original washstands for the whole family.

2. Salad-white bathroom

White tile in the bathroom adds light.

3. Bathroom in shades of green

The bathroom is decorated with tiles in green.

4. Sea Harbor

Decorating the bathroom with various curtains and pretty tiles add peculiar coziness.

5. Green Glade

Beautiful bathroom with olive-colored tiles.

6. Bathroom with white tiles

Beautiful design of the bathroom in white tones.

7. Unusual bathroom

Beautiful bright bathroom with white tiles and a huge window.

8. White Vintage Tiles

The bathroom is decorated with white tiles.

9. Unusual shapes

Nice bathroom with fancy shapes and beautiful tiles.

10. Convenient washbasins

Cute and practical washstands.

11. Black and white tile

Pleasant bathroom, which gives the elegance of tile in black and white.

12. Bathroom in blue and white

Nice bathroom design in blue and white colors.

13. Blue tile in the bathroom

A great solution for a bathroom is blue tile with a blue border.

14. Tiles in green and white for the bathroom

Tile in white and green tones.

15. White snow

Snow-white bathroom.

16. Gray tile in the bathroom

Gray tile makes the interior noble.

17. Bathroom in peach colors

Bathroom in peach tones. Simple and beautiful.

18. Cream bathroom

The bathroom is decorated in cream colors.

19. Bathroom in blue and green tones.

Beautiful bathroom decor in blue and green tones.

20. Bathroom design in white and blue colors.

White tile with a beautiful mosaic in blue tones.