Useful ideas

20 inspirational wall decor ideas that add personality and style to any interior


Each interior must be something individual.

However, it is impossible to create something really special on your own, without replenishing with enviable regularity your own baggage with very specific examples of how a room or even a whole house can be furnished.

1. Vinyl sticker in combination with textiles

Vinyl sticker in the form of a tree with red and white flowers made of fabric is perfect for a modern decor of a children's room.

2. Imitation of natural composition

Decorative panel of branches and artificial plants that you can make your own hands.

3. Drawing-appliqué made of polymer film

Vinyl stickers on the wall will give the interior a special personality and beauty.

4. Fresh trend in room design

Slate wall for drawing with chalk that will appeal not only to children but also to adults.

5. Textile wall decor - simply and effectively

Textile composition on the wall in the form of multi-colored flowers will be a great addition to the interior.

6. A Shopaholic Heaven

Ties and hats as an element of decor that will always amaze and delight guests.

7. Vinyl applique in the shape of a heart

With the help of bright decorative stickers you can easily create a juicy accent in any interior.

8. Accent wall in Provence style

Living room in light pastel colors with bright decorative elements in the interior.

9. "Honeycomb" on the background of a wall of natural wood

The original combination of glossy honeycombs and dark wood in the interior of the bedroom.

10. Slam Dunk Vinyl Sticker

Vinyl sticker for real fans of "One-handed basic dunk".

11. The use of paint cans in decoration

Large blots and stains created with aerosol paint look bold and original.

12. Today wood carving is gaining popularity again.

Carved wooden ornaments have always been an integral part of the interior and had artistic value.

13. Hall in country style

Wooden cuts in the hallway look very stylish and give the room a certain naturalness and pristine nature.

14. Hunting trophies

Walls decorated with skulls of cattle in a hunting interior.

15. Natural wood in a modern interior.

The gray wall can be decorated with natural wood sawn cuts that will give the interior a special mood.

16. Easily unglued interior sticker

The drawing application made of a paper self-adhesive film.

17. Decorative metal panel

Thanks to its brilliance, metal panels can give any room a special atmosphere.

18. "Cruel comfort" in the bedroom

Embossed wallpaper is notable for its relief and adds depth to the room.

19. Proper placement of paintings in the interior

An art gallery can liven up the room.

20. Composition of decorative plates

Panel of decorative plates of different shapes, united by a single style.