Useful ideas

16 stylish ideas how to make useful and beautiful all the corners in the house


Empty corners are commonplace for most apartments. Another standard practice is to corner large furniture, although if you prefer, you can find a more suitable place for it.

With such a dismissive attitude towards the arrangement of the corner space, the mass of the useful area disappears. How to fill the corners to make the apartment more practical and more comfortable?

1. Angles opposite

Unusual shelves for the living room.

Speakers angles can also be used rationally. For example, equip them with unusual shelves. Such furniture is ideal for apartments with a plan of open or studio type.

2. Spacious wardrobe

Practical corner walk-in closet.

Corner closet - a real salvation for those who do not know how to fill the empty space in the bedroom or living room. Modern storage systems allow us to use every square centimeter with advantage. As a result, the corner cabinet is not inferior in size to the usual linear or even surpasses it in this characteristic.

3. Functional mini shelves

Small corner shelves.

Even the smallest angle can be useful. This will help concise corner shelves that fit perfectly into any interior - from the hallway to the living room.

4. Children's joy

Play area in the corner.

In small apartments it can be difficult to equip a full-fledged play zone for children. Moreover, children tend to privacy, so that adults do not distract them from the exciting game. The canopy in the corner will help to equip the playing area. Another one of his plus - closing the curtain, for an instant it will turn out to hide the scattered toys from the suddenly arrived guests.

5. The angle behind the screen

How to make a corner? Put in it a screen.

Screen - a subject which will make any interior more refined and elegant. If the area of ​​the room allows, the screen can be put at some distance from the corner. So the screen will become a way of separating the room, and behind it, if necessary, placed a certain functional area. In a small room, the screen is placed close to the wall, acting as a decor.

6. Work with pleasure

Corner computer desk.

Work at home requires complete concentration. The computer corner table will allow to contain all necessary equipment and documents. In addition, such a position of the table will not be distracted by interfering external factors.

7. Practical hallway hanger

How to make a corner in the hallway? Hanger will help.

The standard hallway is a miniature room where every centimeter of space is important. Corner hanger allows you to conveniently place outerwear, umbrellas and bags.

8. Graceful console

Corner console table.

The console table is for the most part an unusual piece of furniture. But it is he who, thanks to the compact size, will fit perfectly into any corner. Depending on the size, the console table can be used either as a worker or as a decorative one.

9. Lonely place to read

A cozy place for a hobby.

The more places in the apartment where you can retire - the more comfortable it seems. A comfortable chair, a small table or a bedside table is all that is necessary for arranging a comfortable place to read. But do not forget about the thorough coverage of this area.

10. A special angle for a personal art object.

The angle for the decor.

It is not necessary to place a real art object in the corner. It will be replaced by any unusual object - from the original vase to the mirror in a carved frame. The main thing is to choose the right environment for him to create a complete decorative composition. For example, a miniature nightstand and a table lamp shade.

11. Let there be light

Angle - a suitable place for the lamp.

Multi-level lighting will never be over. A floor lamp in the corner will isolate the reception area, making it more comfortable.

12. The best corner for guests

Guest area in the corner.

Guest zone will replace the full living room, if the size of the apartment does not provide a separate room for friendly gatherings. Depending on the size of the room, in the guest area can be placed or a soft corner, or several chairs. A must-have element is a compact coffee table that will become the center of the guest zone.

13. Corner Gallery

Angle - a suitable place for pictures or photos.

Empty walls - a clear sign that the interior is decorated without the participation of professionals. But the situation can be rectified by decorating adjacent walls in an original way. Just hang in the corner a lot of pictures or photos. Finished corner frames of the original form can be bought.

14. Comfortable and unusual bed

Corner bed looks very original.

Corner bed - an unusual piece of furniture that can dramatically transform the atmosphere of a bedroom. High bedside headboard protects the walls from pollution and mechanical damage.

15. Hidden coffee table

Coffee table in the corner.

If large furniture stands near adjacent walls, the angle between them remains free. Put there a small coffee table with a lamp. Unusual visual effect guaranteed.