Useful ideas

20 impressive ideas to beautifully place your favorite photos on the wall


A modern person accumulates a lot of photos - in memory, phone, computer or other gadgets. Viewing images, even if associated with pleasant memories, extremely rare. But why miss the opportunity to cheer yourself up by looking at memorable photos? It is enough to hang pictures on the wall, and they will not only be charged with a positive, but also decorate the interior.

1. Vinyl stickers - instead of frames

Photo in vinyl stickers.

If artistic skills are completely absent and it is not possible to draw frames on the wall, then use vinyl stickers. They can be purchased at online stores. Such stickers do not damage the wall finish.

2. Drawing lessons

Drawn frame on the wall.

In order to depict a frame on the wall, it is not at all necessary to have an art education. Even a child can repeat drawings in the style of primitivism. To make the frames look harmonious, the wall must be solid.

3. Graceful cords

Photo hung on the wall.

Thin decorative laces act as a fixer for the photo. Tie the cord onto the bundle and stick the free edge to the back of the picture. It remains only to hang a photo of the NS wall, previously scoring a nail in it.

4. Eco-style design

Photos on the branch.

A branch of an irregular shape replaces the frame, turning the photos placed on it into an original decor. A branch can be painted or varnished - then a homemade “frame” will last a long time.

5. From the cabinet - to the wall

Photos on hangers for clothes.

Hangers with fixtures, which dozens of hang in each closet, become unusual fixtures for photos. The main thing is to print the photo in a suitable size corresponding to the length of the hanger.

6. Flirty tapes

Hang a photo on the wall can be on the ribbons.

All your favorite photos in one place.

Many photos, differing in style and size, look harmoniously inside a large frame. The center of the decorative composition becomes a large shot located in its central part.

8. A useful and beautiful corner.

In such an unusual way it will turn out to hang a photo on two walls at once.

An ingenious way of placing photos in their simplicity is to hang them in a corner, so that they form a single colored surface. Choose any geometric shape, and you can fix the photo on the wall using double-sided tape.

9. Merging drawing

Picture above the photo on the wall.

You can make a single decorative composition from several photos hanging on the wall using a concise picture on the wall. Any monochrome pattern drawn over a group of shots will do. Instead of drawing you can use a vinyl sticker.

10. No worse than a picture.

Photo in the general frame.

If the paintings do not fit into the interior design, but you want to decorate the house with painting, then replace it with a photo in a large frame. Glue a few decorative cords to the back of the frame and fix the pictures on them with clothespins.

11. You can stand on the wall

Photos on the shelf.

Narrow shelves are great for posting photos and paintings. They will also allow not to make extra holes in the wall. If there was no narrow shelf, then it can be replaced with wide moldings.

12. Optical illusions

Unusual design photo on the wall.

As a rule, each frame is attached with glass and thick cardboard, which serves as a fixer for a photo. Use a second glass instead of cardboard. Place a photo, on the reverse side of which a drop of glue is applied, between the two glasses. It remains only to hang a picture on the wall.

13. Clear geometry

On the wall you can hang photos collected in a collage.

Having picked up some favorite photos, print them in the form of a collage. To do this, just need to contact any photo or kopitsentr. Depending on preferences and interior design, you can choose any color for the background and the type of photo placement.

14. And the photo, and the inscription

Creative decor for the wall.

Think over the inscription that I would like to see on the wall every day. Then draw on the cardboard the contours of the desired letters and carefully cut them with a stationery knife. It remains only to place the photo behind the cardboard and insert the entire composition in the frame of a suitable size.

15. Personalized wallpapers

Wall completely covered with wallpaper.

If family archives are impressive in their size, then you can make wallpaper. In order to keep pictures firmly on the wall, it is recommended to pre-paste it with paper wallpaper. Then a photo is stuck on the wallpaper, so that there is an equal free space between the adjacent pictures.

16. Democratic and stylish

Hang a photo on the wall on clothespins - an affordable idea.

The most affordable fixture for a photo is the usual clothespins. If such a solution seems too radical, then buy decorative accessories. They are sold in stores specializing in the sale of goods for needlework.

A collection of photos on clothespins.

Photo on metal hooks and wooden background.

17. Cute tree

A tree painted on the wall as a background for a photo.

Even a child can draw a tree using paint in two or three colors. You can do it right on the bright wallpaper.

18. A fresh look at stucco

Stucco as a shelf for photos.

Molded elements of plaster or polyurethane become the original replacement shelves. Even ordinary photos, standing on such a stucco element, turn into a real work of art.

19. Brutal placement

Unusual photo placement.

To hang a photo on the wall using a cornice and chains is a solution for the most courageous. But such a composition can become a real highlight of the interior. This idea is good for large and bright photos.

20. Family hours

Photos instead of the clock face.

The clock mechanism can be purchased at the handicraft shop or from other watches. It remains only to pick up twelve small photographs, each of which is replaced by a number on the dial.