Useful ideas

Useful after the pleasant: 22 stylish and practical things that are easy to make from bottles


The tradition of days gone by - to hand over glass containers to special reception centers, - most have already forgotten. But sometimes it happens that you do not want to throw away an empty glass bottle.

For example, if it has a non-standard shape or color. However, even ordinary bottle glass is an interesting material from which you can make a lot of useful things. We share practical ideas on the use of wine bottles.

1. Decorative composition in glass

Bottle as a container for decoration.

Small interesting objects can be used to create a decorative composition in glass. To place them in a bottle, it is more convenient to use thin tweezers. To ensure that the elements of the composition are securely fixed inside the bottle, it is recommended to lubricate them with glue.

2. Glittering partitions

The walls of the bottles.

Glass bottle dividers are an idea that, despite its seeming extravagance, is practical. After all, inside the bottle there is air, which has excellent sound and thermal insulation properties. To enhance the useful properties of such a partition, it is recommended to use closed bottles.

3. For lovely ladies

Storage system for jewelry.

A storage system for women's jewelery will help streamline a collection of sparkling trinkets. Simply glue the bottles to the inside of a small wooden box or cardboard box with construction glue, to the top of which a hanging rope is attached.

4. A brief message on the glass

Bottles with inscriptions.

Names of loved ones or inspirational words - the topic for the inscription is determined based on personal preferences. Acrylic or special glass paints are used to stain a wine bottle. To make the decorative composition even more picturesque, decorate it with flowers.

5. Instead of a photo frame

Bottled photo.

If conventional photo frames seem too boring, try replacing them with glass bottles. A simpler way is to gently fall asleep in a bottle of photo rolled up into a straw. It will straighten itself pretty quickly. If you have skills in needlework, you can do a reverse decoupage on the bottle. The photo is glued in a special way on its back, after which various nice little things can be placed inside the bottle for additional decoration.

6. Custom Table Setting

The holder for glasses from a bottle.

If you need to save space on a small table, then make a holder for glasses of a wine bottle. In addition, this method of serving looks unusual and will diversify the feast. Just make holes or cuts on the right sized wooden plank.

7. For sweet lovers

Vase for sweets.

A few empty bottles, plates or trays made of thin metal or plastic are all that is needed to create unusual serving bases. Just make a hole in the dish or tray to fit the bottleneck. A vase for snacks or sweets is ready.

8. Green flowerbed in green glass

Fencing for flower beds from the bottles.

Dig the necks of the bottles into the ground, tightly tamping the soil around them. Then fill the ground with the empty space formed between the protruding parts of the bottles. Now you can start planting plants in a new flower bed. its plus is that if necessary, the design is easy to disassemble.

9. Simple but spectacular candle holders.

Candlesticks from bottles.

Empty bottles can be the simplest, but cute candlesticks. You should not thoroughly clean them, because wax flows give this decor a vintage look. If the candle is too big for a bottleneck, lightly grind it with a knife.

10. Fence letting sunbeams

Bottles in the concrete wall.

The usual fence around the garden, made of cement, looks dull and dull. It is possible to effectively diversify its appearance with the help of multi-colored glass bottles, mounted at the stage of pouring cement. In good weather, the site will decorate many sunbeams from stained glass.

11. Taking care of birds

Bird feeders.

The twitter of the birds arriving at the garden plot makes its atmosphere pleasant and optimistic. But how to attract birds? The easiest way is to make a beautiful feeder from the bottle with your own hands. As its bottom you can use a detail from an old candlestick, in which several holes are made. Grain reserves on the flat part of the feeder will be replenished without any participation of the owners of the site.

12. Spectacular shelving

A shelf of wine bottles and planks.

The rack, where glass bottles act as vertical partitions, will revive any interior. They can be glued to the wood with glue "liquid nails". In order for the design to be sustainable, it is better to choose thin boards.

13. Coffee table for friendly gatherings

Unusual coffee table.

In the board, which serves as a tabletop, it is necessary to drill several holes for bottlenecks. If necessary, such a table is easy to disassemble, using its wooden part as a tray.

14. Laconic candlestick

Candlestick from the bottle.

As a stand for candles, fixed on a bottleneck, you can use a piece of thin plastic or aluminum. In such materials it is easy to make a hole for the bottle. Simply thread the neck into the hole of the stand, and place the candles on it.

15. Mini-garden in a bottle

Plants in a bottle.

Pour soil into the bottle, tamp it down a little. Then pour the seeds into the bottle and lightly sprinkle them with another layer of soil. It remains only to wait for the emergence of sprouts and regularly water them. Choose unpretentious plants that do not require careful maintenance.

16. Exquisite Liquid Soap Dispenser

Dispenser for kitchen or bathroom.

Plastic or ceramic liquid soap dispensers may not look aesthetically pleasing. A transparent, made from an empty bottle, looks noble and elegant. Simply attach a suitable dispenser size from another dispenser to the glass bottle.

17. Sparkling decor for the summerhouse

Summer decoration of the bottles.

A tree with glass is a win-win combination. In order to make such a fence, in one of its parts it is necessary to drive in thin pegs corresponding to the length of the bottles. Then the bottles are placed on pegs and both parts of the fence are assembled into a single structure.

18. The second life of glass in the kitchen

Bottles will come in handy in the kitchen.

Glass bottles can be used to store bulk foods, such as cereals. They are quite roomy and do not take up much space on the shelves. In such bottles, it is better to keep food products of a small size - they easily pass through a narrow bottleneck.

19. Automatic watering system

Simple watering system.

If you do not want to ask your neighbors to water the flowers during your own absence, then make an automatic watering system from an empty bottle. Fill the glass container with water and close with a stopper, for the entire length of which a screw is screwed. As the land dries, the water will automatically flow into the flower pot.

20. Glass plants for the garden plot

Decor for the garden of the bottles.

Large decorative compositions for the dacha can be made from multi-colored bottles and thick wire. This decor will be beautifully shine in the sun.

21. In order not to get lost in the garden

Useful things for the garden of the bottles.

If there are many similar plants in the garden plot, then there is a great chance to confuse one with another. To avoid such unpleasant trifles, make pointers for the beds of glass bottles. On the glass with acrylic or stained paint is written the name of the plants nearby.

22. Holiday on weekdays

The lamp from the bottle.

You can make an unusual lamp from a festive garland and an empty bottle. Put the garland in the bottle, leaving its cord and plug outside. Then carefully tighten the cord using transparent cattle on the back of the bottle. It remains only to turn on the garland in the outlet.