Useful ideas

9 tips to make your kitchen really comfortable


Organizing the perfect order in the kitchen is easier than you think.

1. Remove empty jars, chipped dishes and unnecessary kitchen appliances

Before you start a drastic transformation in the kitchen and invent storage systems, you need to tidy up. Have you used a juicer for a year? Prepare her a place in the far box or sell. See that there are too many chipped mugs in the kitchen? It's time to get rid of them. Are there some empty spice bags in the cupboard? They obviously will not be useful. In general, we direct the original order.

2. Hang as many rails and hooks as possible.

In the kitchen, everything should be handy, but at the same time always be in place. A ladle, spatula, colander, planks for cutting meat and vegetables - these items are necessary for the hostess every day. So, they need to be placed at arm's length and eye level.

Your life will simplify all sorts of rails with hooks and mini shelves. They can hang or put anything you want: from mugs to large pans. The main thing - now the kitchen accessories will not take up much space.

3. Pour cereals and spices in jars

To store cereals and spices in large and small jars is not only convenient, but also very nice. Especially if the banks are on the open shelves. Imagine: there will no longer be any unsuccessfully torn packages and sugar or pepper scattered throughout the box. In addition, you can sign banks, and then you will not confuse anything.

4. Hang / put magnetic board

Another idea in addition to the railing. Attach a rectangular magnet to the wall. Now knives, scissors and any other metal objects (but only small ones) can be kept in one safe place.

If you have small children, the magnetic surface is a particularly good acquisition: we advise you to hang it or put it above all. Then you will not worry that the child will reach dangerous objects (it is a hundred times easier to open a regular drawer with cutlery).

5. Arrange a large work surface.

Any hostess needs a convenient place to cook. Where it will cut, mix, refuel, pickle. If the size of the kitchen allows, it is best to issue a special kitchen "island" or a bar.

In the case when the kitchen is quite small, we use a folding table or we are looking for a set with hidden retractable chopping boards. Plus, freeing up space (see point 1). In the comfortable kitchen the owner does not interfere.

6. Protect the kitchen apron with a transparent film

Kitchen apron behind the stove gets dirty the fastest. In order not to wash it every week, carefully seal part of the apron with a transparent film. It is invisible, and significantly save your time. The film is dirty - we glue a new one. In addition, the apron will not lose its fresh look for many years.

7. Add light

In a good kitchen should be bright day and night. Therefore do not regret means and forces on the organization of high-quality lighting. At a minimum, buy a chandelier with an open canopy and twist into it the most powerful light bulbs.

Ideally, both the dining area and the worktop should have a dedicated light source. For example, small lamps hanging from the ceiling on a long wire.

8. Divide all cabinets into small sections.

If order, then everything! Not only on the open shelves, but also inside the cabinets. A variety of containers and dividers will come to the rescue. The storage system will be subject to a clear logic: each plate will lie in a certain place. In general, arrange a perfectionist paradise in your kitchen.

9. Decorate the kitchen with functional things.

Decorate the kitchen with original and expensive interior items that do not carry any good, I can only owners of huge dining rooms. If this is not about you, remember the rule: "beautiful means practical."

Put bright towels, buy cute mugs, put a cool bowl of fruit, nail a small shelf for jars with spices - any decor should be functional. You should wipe your hands with a towel and drink tea from the mugs. Let each, even the most beautiful thing, has its own purpose.