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Ideas for bathroom accessories: create comfort and beauty


Bathroom accessories are designed not only to be functional, but also to create a unique comfort. The bathroom is an island of calm in the apartment, where you can be alone and calm down after a hard day. Therefore, it is important that this room is as comfortable as possible.

The combined stylish holder for towels and soap

Stylish and original towel holder

Similar hooks and holders are in themselves a decoration of the bathroom

Toilet roll holder attached to a wooden house

Basic accessories used in the bathroom

A rare bathroom will do without the following basic accessories:

  • towel holders;
  • cups for toothbrushes;
  • towels;
  • soap dishes;
  • mirrors;
  • paper holder for toilet and other necessary items.

Dryer and towel holder in the form of a ladder

The set of accessories in one subject looks beautiful

Beauty and functionality - the principles of modern interior design

This toothbrush holder is a cute accessory in the bathroom.

Ideally, they should be not only functional, but also have an aesthetic appearance. Nowadays, so many necessary bathroom accessories have been invented, without which it is already impossible for a modern person to manage. All of them also need to fit harmoniously into the room. In this case, you will come to the aid of ergonomics - the science of competent placement in a limited space of a certain number of necessary items.

Convenient Toothbrush Holder

Such a non-standard toilet paper holder is more suitable for a modern interior.

This towel holder will add mood to your bathroom.

Neat minimalist towel holder and a small shelf

Another non-standard towel placement option.

First of all, you need to decide on the necessary items, without which the bathroom just can not do. If you are not the happy owner of a spacious bathroom, then you should moderate your appetites somewhat so as not to overload the already small room with superfluous details. Selected accessories are important to arrange so that they are always at hand. For example, it is better to hang towel holders closer to the bathroom so that after the shower you don’t have to reach into another corner of the room. In addition, this accessory is better placed away from the toilet, so that a towel does not accidentally fall into it. Cosmetics for the shower is better placed on a hanging shelf in the shower or bath.

Towel dryer should be located next to the bathroom itself.

Convenient arrangement of towels and other necessary things

Small shelves for storage in the bathroom in the style of hi-tech

Neat and cute hanging shelves in the bathroom

A spacious rack of light wood will look very harmoniously bright bathroom

Safety is one of the basic rules when arranging a bathroom. You need to know its basic rules when choosing accessories. Bathroom - high risk area. Not all materials are resistant to moisture, and the danger of turning on electrical appliances in this room and can not speak. Therefore, electrical outlets and switches should be kept away from water. Hanging cabinets and shelves should be positioned so as not to hit them with their head.

Small wooden shelves in a niche

These holders are a good option for maintaining safety in the bathroom.

Small drawers are conveniently located in the cabinet behind the mirror.

In the bathroom, it is recommended not to use breakable accessories. Therefore, you should choose objects from waterproof materials or with a protective water-repellent coating. So be careful with wood, bamboo, leather and other materials.

Accessories should not stand out from the overall design of the bathroom, on the contrary, it is necessary that they harmoniously complement it. For example, if the bathroom is sustained in an ecological style, it would be appropriate to support this decision by choosing the right parts. In this case, the use of grass green décor elements is very appropriate.

So, equip a room with green towels, unusual soap dishes in the shape of a lotus and a glass for toothbrushes in the shape of a tree. Fortunately, there is now a wide selection of exclusive products.

If you are an adherent of minimalism style, then in this case you can not do without accessories. Designers have developed special solutions for you. Pay attention to the accessories of simple, even ascetic forms of white, metallic, silver, colors. The latter will look particularly impressive against the background of snow-white plumbing.

Such bathroom accessories will look good in combination with steel and white flowers.

Even the cosmetics bottles themselves look like a beautiful addition to the bathroom.

Luxurious decoration of bathroom walls, sanitary ware and accessories in one style and color scheme

Universal toilet roll holder and at the same time a small shelf

The giraffe shaped holder looks beautiful and interesting.

Practical people fit multifunctional accessories. Particular attention should be paid to the details for the toilet. For example, a ruff for the toilet, combined with a holder for paper. Or one functional item that contains both a soap box and a brush holder.

Tip! Accessories for washing better to buy in the kit. In this case, you definitely will not miss with a choice, and all objects will harmoniously complement each other. If it seems uninteresting to you, then you can purchase them individually, trusting your taste. So you can pick up a truly unique combination.

Bright yellow toilet paper on black shelves looks contrast and beautiful

Stylish accessories of copper color in combination with black plumbing

Stylish eco-shelf and towel holder 2 in 1

The rug for a bathroom is one of those details of the interior, without which you just can't do without. He will not only protect your feet from the cold tile, but also will please the eye, if you approach his choice wisely.

Below are some rules for choosing a rug as an element of interior:

  • harmonious combination with the rest of the interior in terms of pattern, color and shape;
  • soft and comfortable fleecy coating that absorbs moisture;
  • the presence of a set of curtains for the shower, emphasizing the design of the rug.

Soft bath mat maintains overall tone in the bathroom

Bath mat from natural plants is a pleasant and useful option

A bathtub made of natural pebble will take you to the beach

Rugs look very interesting if you pick up towels or pictures in the same tone as in the photo.

For example, the pattern of a rug with a geometric pattern would be appropriate to repeat on the picture on the wall. In this case, it is desirable that the bathroom itself be kept in bright colors. In this situation, the bright details will play in your favor, serving as an excellent contrast.

The path in the bathroom in the color of paintings

Bath mat in one design with shower curtain

Tip! In tune to the rugs pick up the shower curtains. In this case, they will not only protect the floor from water, but also serve as an element of decor.

The special mood of the bathroom will give such trifles as:

  • wicker laundry baskets;
  • decorative candles;
  • plants.

A comfortable bathroom stand is useful for those who like to bask in the bathroom for a long time.

Beautiful bottles with cosmetics, a bunch of flowers will wonderfully decorate a woman’s bathroom

Posters, photos, candles and other pleasant things will create a comfortable, luxurious interior.

Natural plants are also a good accessory for the bathroom, only you need to take plants that love high moisture

Placing candles in niches will create extra romance

With proper placement, these little things can turn even a banal bathroom into a real masterpiece of design art.

Comfort in the bathroom can create even your cosmetics. Fortunately, manufacturers of cosmetics are paying attention not only to the quality of their products, but also to their aesthetic appearance, which is also important.

Unusual mirror in a wooden frame

Exquisite and sophisticated set of accessories in the same style

Wicker laundry baskets in color worktops and shelves

Metal storage basket and wooden barrel with an ornament will make your bathroom stylish and unique

Glass flasks filled with natural decor will create a special atmosphere of sophistication

Woven baskets will serve not only as a means of storage for linen, but also unusual decorative items. You can use both classic versions and original ones, which assume the most unusual forms. For example, you can choose a basket in the shape of a dolphin or a baby elephant. This is especially true if there are children in the house.

One of the most popular modern designs of the bathroom is Provence style. It assumes the presence of such details as:

  • warm pastel tones, mainly lavender, cream, olive;
  • use of artificially aged furniture and accessories;
  • use of natural facing materials.

Bathroom in a calm pastel blue color

Gentle, enveloping milky color bath

Another no less interesting option is ethno-style. It is characterized by the presence of the following decorative elements:

  1. wood and stone trim;
  2. use of wicker accessories;
  3. use of live plants in the interior

White and wood in the interior of the bathroom

Living wall of various moisture-loving plants in the bathroom

Pebbles in the interior of the bathroom - it is unusual, beautiful and pleasant to feel

The fireplace in the bathroom is a rarity and the opportunity to spend time in the bathroom with great pleasure