Useful ideas

16 modern and functional ideas for storing a variety of things


The new review contains interesting examples of the organization of a place to store a variety of things. Definitely for sure, everyone will find in the new collection, something that is suitable for him. In any case, an example for inspiration is more than enough.

1. Storage system in the hallway

Separate racks for outerwear and shoes.

Separate sections with hangers, shelves and a large bench - this is perhaps the best idea for the hallway of the house, where many people live. Such a system for storing outerwear, caps, shoes and bags will allow you to save a maximum of free space and forget about the mess in the hallway forever.

2. Suspended shelf

Open hanging shelf.

Suspended shelves made of wood, metal, plastic or acrylic - this is one of the best innovations in furniture design. Due to its light construction and stylish appearance, such a shelf will fit into the interior of any room and is perfect for storing a variety of things.

3. Wicker basket

Wicker baskets for storage.

Designers actively use wicker baskets in modern interiors, as it is not only a stylish decor item, but also a universal storage container. Thanks to natural colors and a huge range of shapes and sizes, baskets will fit into the hallway, as a container for storing slippers, in the bathroom, as a laundry basket or container for cosmetics, in the living room and bedroom. Also, in wicker baskets you can store vegetables and fruits in the kitchen.

4. Shelf for shoes

Shoe shelf.

Of course, store shoes in the hallway is much more convenient than in boxes. Therefore, it is worth getting a convenient and stylish organizer with a set of cells for shoes.

5. Bedside Shop

Bedside shop with drawers.

A bedside bench with drawers will become not only a stylish bedroom accessory, but also an additional place to store various necessary things.

6. Bench with drawer

Banquette with a spacious box.

A charming banquette with a roomy box is what you need for the hallway, because you can not only sit on it to put on shoes or take off your shoes, but also keep slippers or seasonal items in it.

7. Organizer for clothes

Dressing room in a niche.

An open dressing room in a niche will become a stylish and original alternative to a massive wardrobe. This project is very simple, budget and will significantly save space in the bedroom.

8. Cabinet for decorations

Hidden locker for decorations.

A large floor mirror with a built-in hidden wardrobe for storing jewelry, jewelry, barrettes and other accessories will become an indispensable thing in a girl's apartment.

9. Islet with shelves

Kitchen island with shelves.

In the kitchen of this housewife there are no free or extra shelves. Therefore, a functional kitchen island with shelves where you can place numerous cookbooks, dishes and containers with vegetables and fruits will be most welcome.

10. whatnot

Whatnot in the kitchen.

Metal shelf - an additional place where you can place small appliances, magazines, books, towels, containers of cereals and much more. In addition, these shelves have a light construction so that it can be easily moved around the kitchen or apartment.

11. Spice rack

Special shelf for storing spices.

To keep spice jars at your fingertips, store them in a special cabinet with shelves.

12. Drawer

Dish storage box.

To make your favorite plates, by chance, not cracked and not beaten, arrange for them a special box with perforations and sections for dishes of different sizes.

13. Hanger

Original hanger in the hallway.

The house begins with a hanger. Therefore, such an insignificant at first glance detail should be beautiful and as comfortable as possible.

14. Shoe cabinet

Wardrobe with transparent doors.

Be proud and value your shoes !? So why not make it a highlight of the bedroom. Get a special closet with separate cells and glass doors and place your favorite shoes, sandals and shoes there.

15. Organizer for bags

Soft organizer for bags.

A textile organizer for bags is an amazing thing that every woman needs to properly store her entire collection of her reticulators.

16. Hidden box

Hidden box for detergents.

To prevent detergents from occupying kitchen surfaces, equip for them a special hidden drawer in the countertop niche.