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In order not to disappear: how to use hair conditioner in everyday life, if it does not fit curls


In order not to disappear: how to use hair conditioner in everyday life, if it does not fit curls

Probably, it will be difficult for you to believe in it, but popular hair conditioners are used not only to make curls beautiful and silky.

Cosmetics will also be great helpers in everyday life and will be able to solve many pressing problems.

Wardrobe air conditioner

1. If you are stuck with zippers and zippers on clothes, shoes, a purse or bag, grease them with a drop of conditioner and the problem will disappear by itself.

Grease the zip wallet conditioner and accessory will be closed without problems.

2. Cosmetic can be used when washing wool or delicate clothing. To do this, you need to dissolve 1 tbsp in water at room temperature. conditioner and hand wash clothes. The product helps soften soft tissue and does not form a lot of foam.

Hair conditioner is an excellent alternative to the same laundry detergent.

3. Conditioner suitable as an alternative to shoe polish. Check that the boots or shoes are dry, clean, and apply a conditioner to leather shoes with a cloth or sponge. He will be able to polish it as good as shop cream: he will add shine to the shoe, soften the shoe and protect it from negative external factors (water, snow, mud).

Use conditioner for shine and beauty shoes.

4. Cosmetics is also an ideal assistant if your favorite sweater has lost its shape, for example, sat down after you washed it in a typewriter. The procedure for restoring things is very simple - pour warm water into a cup, add a few spoons of conditioner and put the thing in the solution for a few minutes. After the time has expired, remove the clothes and stretch them to the size you need, then hang them on the hangers to let the sweater dry.

The tool will help your favorite thing to return the original size.

5. Hair conditioner will help you out if you can’t remove the ring.

The tool must be applied at the base of the finger, just above the place where the decoration is located. Next, try to push a drop of conditioner under the ring, then gently pull it. The decoration will be removed without much effort. Verified!

Air conditioning is an effective tool when you need to remove the ring from your finger.

Air conditioning in the household

1. The cosmetic will be useful if you want to refresh textiles. To do this, you need to take a bottle with a spray, add water and air conditioning in a ratio of one to nine. After the implementation of these manipulations can apply the resulting composition on furniture, curtains, pillows, carpets. This method will become a real lifesaver when there is no time for general cleaning, but I want to give textiles a well-groomed and fresh appearance, as well as a pleasant smell.

Air conditioning curtains provide a pleasant aroma.

2. Cosmetics will help protect metal objects from rust. You only need to apply a thin layer of tools on household tools or plumbing. In this case, the air conditioner will act as an anticorrosive protection and will not allow things to rust in the household.

Protect the valve against corrosion by using an air conditioner.

3. If the drain clogged, and at home, unfortunately, the necessary household chemicals have ended, replace it with air conditioning. When used properly, it will work as an excellent "penetrative" tool. Just pour a little air conditioner into the drain and make a strong pressure of hot water. The tool will lubricate the clog well and allow you to clean the drain in minutes.

By means of means it is possible to eliminate small blockage.

4. When there are many stainless steel items in your home and you want them to shine, polish them with an air conditioner. Put a drop on the sponge and wipe the tiles, taps and other steel things.

After applying the conditioner the stove will shine.

5. Another good way to use the air conditioner in the household is to lubricate the door hinges. This is a good alternative to commercial lubricants, which differ in a not too pleasant smell. The tool has the same effect, eliminates the creak. But, at the same time, it smells much better and is pleasant to use.

Even the creakiest door will not resist a cosmetic.

Conditioner for female beauty

1. When you use makeup brushes for a long time, the nap becomes prickly and causes discomfort when applying make-up. To return the brushes softness and tenderness, apply a small amount of conditioner on them. After 2-3 minutes, rinse them under running water. After they dry, you will feel a significant difference.

Air conditioning will make the brush softer.

2. To make the skin smooth and moisturized, without applying much effort, you can use the conditioner. Dissolve a few tablespoons of the product in water while taking a bath, and enjoy. The conditioner will be a good alternative to the special oil, will give the skin softness and velvet.

An air-conditioned bathroom will make your skin tender.

3. To prevent electrified hair, apply a drop of conditioner on the palm of your hand, rub and smooth unruly hair. After this procedure, they will stop pushing, even if it is raining or snowing outside.

Conditioner helps tidy up naughty hair.

4. A naughty koltun on the head can be unraveled by resorting to simple tricks: mix the conditioner with water in proportions 1: 9 in a spray bottle, and shake well. Next, from a short distance, spray the composition onto matted hair and comb it with a comb. You need to move from top to bottom, from root to tip. This method is absolutely painless, so you can use it when you need to brush young children.

If you spray the conditioner on matted hair, they can be combed without problems.

5. When the plaster is strongly adhered to the skin and cannot be removed, impregnate its edges with conditioner. The tool will weaken the effect of glue and allow you to easily remove the plaster from the skin.

If the patch is firmly stuck to the skin, lubricate it with conditioner.