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Not only for brushing teeth: 12 cases when oral fluid comes to the rescue


Mouthwash is a great tool for fresh breath, prevention of dental diseases and hygiene. And many people enjoy these benefits with success. However, the antibacterial properties of the oral fluid and its pleasant smell are relevant not only for normal use.

With the help of rinse can solve a lot of household problems. 12 cool tips will tell you how to use the tool in the most unexpected situations.

1. Ambulance during rest

Rinse simply indispensable in nature.

The mouthwash has a disinfectant and analgesic effect. With it, you can remove the sharp pain when bitten by insects, such as wasps and bees. In addition, it does an excellent job with skin irritations and itching: manifestations of allergy, exposure to nettle or poison ivy. For first aid, you need to apply a little rinse on a cotton swab and smear the affected skin area with it.

2. Freedom from fleas

Pets mouthwash will also benefit.

Pets from time to time suffer from various pests. Any walking on the street or talking to other pets can cause flea infection. To quickly solve the problem, even if you do not have a special tool at hand, mouth rinse will help. A small amount of it must be mixed with shampoo or water and process the wool of a fluffy pet. In order not to cause harm, make sure that the pet has no open wounds or hypersensitivity.

3. Effective remedy for problem skin.

The conditioner on hurray copes with all pimples on the face.

The mouthwash has a powerful antiseptic effect. That is why it is great for the treatment of inflammatory formations on the face. To do this, moisten a cotton pad in the rinse aid and apply a thin layer of agent on the skin. The therapeutic effect will be noticeable after a few days.

4. Clearing the screen

Shining beauty throughout the house thanks to one means.

Rinse mouth perfectly copes with cleaning surfaces. Only a small amount of it will go to wipe the screen of a computer, tablet, TV or any other technology. And the dust does not set right back.

5. Fast healing of bruises

Incredibly, the rinse helps to remove bruises in no time.

Bruising is always unpleasant. At first, it is painful and uncomfortable, then ugly. A small amount of mouthwash can help anesthetize the bruise and speed up its cure. It is necessary to wet it with a cotton swab and gently rub it into the bruised place. The rinse causes blood to flow in, which greatly accelerates healing.

6. Sanitization

Cleaning the bathroom and toilet? Not a problem if there is some mouthwash.

If you need to urgently do the cleaning, and there is nothing suitable at hand, mouthwash is a great alternative. We dilute it with water and you can sanitize and wash the bathroom, including the bath itself, mirrors, sink and all horizontal surfaces. Effective rinse for mouth and for cleaning the toilet.

7. Anti-dandruff

No dandruff in your hair.

The conditioner is very effective in treating dandruff. To verify this, you need a small amount of diluted rinse to gently rub into the scalp with massage movements. The result will be noticeable after a couple of procedures.

8. Clean and fresh clothes

The rinse is a universal remedy for cleaning everything.

Oral fluid will perfectly fit as a rinse for clothes. In combination with ordinary powder, it perfectly relieves things from any germs and pollution, and also provides a pleasant aroma of freshness. Even one small cap will be enough for an impressive effect.

9. Fungus treatment

Amazing effect on the nail plate.

The impressive healing qualities of mouthwash have no boundaries. Therefore, it can even be used to fight the fungus on the toenails. To get rid of an unpleasant disease, you need to make a bath with warm water and a small amount of rinse aid added. It will take about 20 minutes to eliminate all germs and infections. After that, the nails will become well-groomed and healthy.

10. Aftershave lotion

If lotion has ended, it is not a reason to be upset.

Mouthwash perfectly disinfects and refreshes, so you can use it as an aftershave lotion. A small amount of concentrated or diluted (for sensitive skin) fluid is evenly applied to the face. The feeling of purity and freshness will not take long.

11. Cutting treatment

When special means are not at hand, a rinse can be used to treat wounds.

Due to its antibacterial properties, it is excellent for cleaning cuts and scratches from bacteria and dirt. You just need to pour a little liquid on the affected area, and then rinse with water.

12. Pain relief

If the disease has creeped in unnoticed, and there is nothing to treat, it is worth trying a new tool.

Mouthwash copes well with toothache and sore throat. It will never be harmful to rinse the mouth with an antiseptic. If you have a toothache, you can simply apply a little money on the affected area, and the pain will subside. But if the rinse was not effective enough, it is necessary to consult a doctor.