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9 ways of "resuscitation" that will help save furniture from the road to the dump


Nothing is forever, and furniture as well. Lost cushions, coffee table with white water marks, scuffs on a leather sofa, a cupboard that has lost its shine and beauty ...

Most people immediately rush to the store, intending to buy something new. However, the life of the furniture can be significantly extended if you know a few simple secrets. This will save not only a large amount of funds, but also nerves, time.

1. The second life of furniture with leather

Rescue leather furniture is possible thanks to one secret ingredient.

For a period of long use, leather furniture or leatherette is covered with numerous scuffs, incomprehensible stains or roughness. However, you should not make hasty conclusions and send the thing to the dump. The universal substance WD-40, designed to lubricate and reduce friction, will help restore it to its former radiant appearance. In order to turn this trick, you just need to spray the WD-40 on the desired surface and wipe it with a dry, clean cloth. All stains and dirt will disappear in the blink of an eye.

2. We return shine and brilliance.

The delightful shine of old wooden furniture is not a myth.

The sun's rays, active use, and just time - the factors that from the beautiful new furniture leave only a dim resemblance. Restore the original shine will help inexpensive and non-toxic tool available to everyone. All you need to do is simply put a small amount of olive oil on the wood and rub it evenly using a microfiber cloth. Brilliance, radiance and beauty!

3. Down with ugly traces of water

Simple solution using a single ingredient from the fridge.

Only carelessly put a mug or glass with water, hot or cold drink on the furniture, as a trace appears that spoils the whole appearance. And remove it with the usual means for wood and furniture does not work. But the effective way for many can cause a reasonable surprise: you need to use mayonnaise. Spread circles or water stains with this seasoning and leave for 30 minutes. After that, wipe and enjoy the miraculous salvation of furniture.

4. Improvement of cushions

Who said that the sofa does not have a second life?

The whole essence of the cushions - the longer you use them, the more they squeeze, sag and lose their shape. However, there is no urgent need to go to the store and choose a new sofa, because the problem can be solved independently. If there is a zipper on the pillows - it's easier than simple. It is only necessary to unfasten, beat the packing and, if necessary, add more filler. If there is no lightning, it does not matter - you can open one side of the pillow, repeat all the same steps to restore and then sew up.

5. Rescue plastic outdoor furniture

A simple technique for bleaching plastic garden furniture.

No need to hurry and send garden furniture in the trash just because it is not as clean as before. When ordinary cleaning tools no longer work, it is time for a special secret. Quickly and without problems to bleach outdoor furniture from pollution and the influence of the sun will help a mixture of ingredients: a bucket of hot water and a quarter cup of bleach. Cleaning should only be done with gloves to protect hands. After bleaching, wipe the furniture with a white piece of cloth.

6. How to get rid of cracks in the lacquer coating?

Even serious at first glance damage can be corrected with the help of available tools.

If the wood has a good intact coating, and the lacquer on top of it is damaged - the situation can be solved without buying new furniture. For the restoration you will need a clear nail polish and sandpaper. First, the crack is abundantly covered with nail polish. It will take 10 minutes for it to dry. When the damaged area dries out, you need to gently polish its surface with a fine emery paper. New lights, old beauty!

7. Paint Recovery with Oil

The dull color of old furniture is easy to fix with simple polishing.

Old furniture, the color of which has become dull and ugly, can still regain its former glory. It does not even need to repaint. A small amount of coconut oil can cope with all the problems. Using a dry cloth, gently rub it into a wooden cover in a circular motion. The color will become more saturated and shine, and the furniture will receive additional protection from scratches.

8. Remove stains from wooden surfaces.

Hard-to-remove stains disappear right before your eyes, if you use a mixture of vinegar and oil.

Remove stains from wooden furniture will help simple solution. It consists of a glass of canola oil and ¾ a cup of white vinegar. The ingredients must be thoroughly mixed and applied to the damaged surface with a cotton or microfiber cloth. After a few minutes, the spots will start to fade before your eyes, and the old furniture will quickly restore its shine.

9. Miraculous marker

In the most difficult cases, you need to use a special marker for furniture.

Small scratches on light furniture can be eliminated with a walnut, on dark - damp coffee grounds. Dents are well handled by damp cloth and iron. But serious damage to furniture can easily be fixed only by a special furniture marker. It is only necessary to choose the appropriate shade and paint over the damaged areas with a marker.