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How to store shoes so as not to take up much space in the apartment, and find the right pair in a couple of minutes


How to store shoes so as not to take up much space in the apartment, and find the right pair in a couple of minutes

If your shoes take up all the free space in the apartment and create unthinkable chaos, then this article is for you.

We will tell you how to make shoes, sneakers and shoes in perfect condition preserved until next season, and also share useful tips that will help to compactly and conveniently place shoes even in a small apartment.

Where better to store shoes?

For storage of shoes, you can use various devices. The most convenient of them are the following options:

• Shoe boxes - when you buy new shoes, in any case do not throw away the box in which they were lying. You will definitely need it after a while, when you need to remove your favorite studs before the start of the next season. If you still threw it out or just can not find it, then use the same size. Another option is to take a large box and place several pairs of shoes there. In this case, each copy will need to be packaged in paper or cloth so that the shoes retain their shape and color.

The easiest option is to keep shoes in boxes.

• Wardrobe shelves - if you have a dressing room, then there should be no problems with the placement of shoes. Place it on the shelves according to the season, so as not to waste time searching. Exactly the same strategy can be chosen if you have a large closet and there are several free shelves at the top or bottom.

You can easily find shoes if you sort them in the wardrobe by seasons.

• Space under the bed - if you have a small apartment, where every square meter is worth its weight in gold, then a place under the bed may well be suitable for storing shoes. Put it in a large box or a special floor bag designed for shoes. But this option is only possible if the design of the bed has free space below. If not, then you can go the other way - put your shoes, sandals and sneakers in the box for bedding, which is equipped with almost all modern models of beds.

Under the bed you can place boxes with shoes.

Tip: So that the shoes do not deform and retain their original shape, being in a box under the bed, insert industrial or self-made supports into each copy.

• Organizer - if the previous options did not suit you for one reason or another, then a good option would be to purchase an organizer for shoes. It can be fabric or plastic, small or large, bright or black and white. The organizer is usually placed on the wall and put each pair of shoes in a separate pocket. This is very convenient, because, firstly, it does not take up much space in the apartment, and, secondly, the right pair of shoes or sandals will always be at hand, and you will not have to spend a lot of time searching for it.

The shoe organizer can be placed on the cabinet door.

• Stairways - if you are the owner of a two-story house, you can efficiently use the space under the stairs. For example, draw out drawers under each step that will serve as a storage place for seasonal shoes. Thus, it will not occupy valuable square meters in the house and will be invisible to prying eyes. Another option is to organize a small dressing room under the stairwell. All you need is to make a few shelves and place boxes with shoes on them.

Under the stairs you can arrange a dressing room for shoes.

• Obuvnitsa - this piece of furniture is truly indispensable when it comes to storing the shoes that you are currently wearing. Instead of leaving slaps, shoes or sneakers under the coat rack and creating chaos in the hallway, you can buy a special chest of drawers and carefully fold the shoes you need there. The model should be chosen taking into account the free space in the room, as well as the number of pairs of shoes that you plan to store there. In standard copies without a problem fit shoes of all family members, as well as flip flops, sandals, sneakers, moccasins, sneakers. This chest of drawers has many advantages: it hides shoes from prying eyes, makes the hallway clean and neat, prevents dust from appearing on various models, and also protects pets from encroachment.

Obuvnitsa does not take up much space in the apartment and helps to comfortably place shoes.

In addition to the above options, the storage area can be an attic, garage, basement or storeroom. The most important thing is to bring order there before folding the shoes.

In the closet

If you have a large closet, then you can easily place your shoes there. To do this, pick a convenient place to store. Ideally, these are lower shelves. If they are busy, you can use the top. The main thing - that they are not placed too high. If in order to get the necessary box, you have to install a ladder, it will be inconvenient.

Keep shoes more convenient on the lower shelves of the cabinet.

For large families, the option of purchasing a separate closet for shoes is suitable. If financial opportunities do not allow, you can go more simply by remaking the old Soviet buffet or sideboard in a wardrobe to accommodate shoes. To do this, you will need to paint it with ordinary paint or balonchik. You can also use the technique of decoupage - in this case, the piece of furniture will become even more attractive and original. Putting shoes in such a closet is a pleasure. Sorting can be carried out according to the seasons of the year or according to the principle “mom-dad-children”, where each family member will have his own separate regiment.

Old furniture can be turned into an original cabinet for shoes.

There is one more interesting and original life hacking - to use for the storage of boots a coat hanger with two clips, on which shorts and skirt trousers are often placed. All you need is to hold the shoes with these clothespins and hang them in the closet on a loose plank (if you haven’t found one, buy it at a furniture store and attach it yourself). To prevent damage to the material, place pieces of cloth between clips.

Hangers with shoes can be placed in a closet or on a special bar.

Homemade fixtures

• Railing (in translation from English - "crossbar") - this device is a bar that is placed along the wall. Usually it is used in the kitchen for quick access to the device, but it is also suitable for storing shoes. This device is an ideal option for girls who have a lot of shoes and sandals on heels or high heels in their arsenal, which, in general, shoes will cling to. You can place the railing on the wall in the hallway or on the door in the dressing room. This method of storage is very convenient, since the specimens will firmly "sit" on the bar, without needing additional support.

Railing - a great option for placing shoes with heels.

• Cloth organizer - remember, we mentioned store organizers, which are often used to store shoes? So, a fabric model can be completely made by hand if you are "friends" with a sewing machine. Interesting ideas for its creation can be found in past materials.

Organizer with pockets can be sewed with a cloth.

• Galoshnitsa - this device with a funny name is the analogue of an open shoemaker. It can be a solid shelf or cabinet, which family members use for everyday storage of shoes. The galoshnitse can be made practically of any improvised materials: plywood boxes, boards, an old bedside table and so on.

The galoshnitse can be made independently of an old thumbs.

• Shelving or wall construction - with the help of these devices, you can significantly save space in the apartment, since both inventions take very few meters, and the wall option can be mounted on the wall, wardrobe door or pantry. You can also assemble and place the shelves right in the hallway, so that immediately upon arrival from the street it is convenient to arrange shoes. If you do not like that your sneakers, shoes, shoes are exposed on public display, then you can curtain the rack with a thick beautiful cloth. A creative option would be the use of old wooden boxes. Paint them in bright colors and voila - the original design for storing shoes is ready!

Wooden shoe rack do it yourself.

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