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16 techniques in the design of the apartment, which give the bad taste of its owner


The cosiness consists of details, and therefore only one absurd or old-fashioned thing can spoil even the most thoughtful interior. For example, a rug bought on sale, or blinds on the window, which have not changed since the last repair. Avoid mistakes or correct existing tips will help the well-known experts on interior design.

we made a list of things in the design of the apartment, from which it is time to give up so that your home becomes more comfortable.

1. "Animal" prints

In 2018, the British division of Samsung conducted a survey among the British in order to identify the most annoying trends in home decor. It turned out that “animal” prints took the 11th place, - 19% of respondents said that imitations of zebra stripes or cheetah skins lost their relevance.

Animal prints are widely used by designers to decorate the interior in kitsch style, and he very difficult to adapt in an ordinary apartment - there is a high risk of getting a home that is not like a bar or a circus troupe.

2. Walls of fake bricks

In the list of undesirable decor techniques, reputable designers have included decorating rooms with decorative bricks. The use of artificial materials makes the interior lifeless and glossy, which is completely unsuitable for the room in which people live.

However, in the hands of a skilled designer, these elements can be really beautiful, one has only to replace the synthetic material with a natural one, to withstand the right style, and then the apartment will really look like a New York loft.

3. Pelmets and complex curtain designs

Lambrequins and heavy designs from curtains also fell into the list of things that make the interior tasteless. And this despite the fact that they have been popular for many years. However, the trends have changed - ease and simplicity are in fashion. In addition, care for multi-layer curtains can not be called easy.

One wall, painted in too bright or, on the contrary, dramatic gloomy color, spoils the interior. Perhaps, once it seemed to be a good reception, however, as the designers notice, it does not carry any practical benefits. On the contrary, such an emphasis does not increase the room, as we would like, but reduces and delays all attention to itself.

Experts warn that attempts to decorate the walls with paint on their own can end in a crushing failure. For example, applying a paint sponge to create a textured pattern can cause the room to look sloppy.

5. The predominance of neutral colors

No accent.

Bright accent.

The mixture of gray, beige and other neutral colors is no longer relevant. By themselves, these shades are not so bad, but an attempt to mix them leads to the fact that the house is similar to millions of others.

Designer Patrick Mele in his blog recommends turning to rich colors. Patrick claims that there is one combination that works in any interior regardless of style - it is white and blue in all variations. If you are not ready to build an interior with bright colors, add a bright accent - a flower, poster or decorative pillows.

6. Wallpaper Border

The curb strip of wallpaper is a familiar trick to decorate the premises, however, it is not in demand right now. So, decorator Mitchell Owens says that using a strip of wallpaper to decorate makes the apartment look like a country house from the 70s. And although the rustic style is being revived, the border ribbon is in the past.

If you still think that your wallpaper just needs an addition, stop at the decorative plinths (no stucco!) - they will never go out of style.

7. Complicated tile decor in the bathroom

The smaller the bathroom, the more modest the tile pattern should be. That is what Claire believes, the designer and author of the blog doesntcosttheearth. Mosaic, mixing colors, borders and laying tiles diagonally - these are the trends that should be avoided when thinking through the design of the bathroom.

If you are a happy owner of a large bathroom and are sure that you cannot do without mosaic, decorate niches with it - here it will always be in place.

8. Decorative plaster on the ceiling and walls

The grungy ceiling made of decorative plaster is a fairly popular method for interior decoration, but this coating is impractical. Dust and dirt remain on the relief surface, and not even one of the strongest cleaning products can cope with cleaning.

9. Themed rooms

Children's themed rooms in nautical style, bedrooms similar to the palaces of the pharaohs, or the living rooms of the mansions in the spirit of Marie Antoinette are examples of inappropriate design. And the cost of repair here plays the last role, interiors costing millions of dollars can be just as tasteless as headsets bought at a nearby store.

In essence, themed rooms are not so bad, but furnishing a dwelling in this style makes it difficult to maintain a balance. As a result, we get a house that looks more like a decoration for a film than a place to rest.

10. Useless things

All the things that you use to decorate an apartment should be simple and useful. For example, glass sculpture in a house with children is definitely a design failure, as well as a large dining table for a family of two.

A variety of sets, collections of figurines, bulky items for decoration, in a word, anything that does not carry practical use can be removed from the interior with a clear conscience.

11. Transfers

Decals that look like tattoos from the 90s are on our blacklist. And for good reason - for the most part they look out of place and are not suitable for the house where adults live.

A good alternative to stickers is paintings and posters. However, decorators warn that these decorations must occupy at least 2/3 of the spaceif you decide to hang them over the sofa. This is the only way to maintain balance and keep the proportions of the room.

12. Blinds

The massive blinds on the windows - a relic of the past. Initially, they were installed in the homes of wealthy planters to protect the owners of the house from the sun and dust, and in modern apartments were useless. Such window decoration is impractical - it is difficult to get rid of the dust on the blinds, and they also block the sunlight and visually reduce the space of the room.

13. Too small carpet

American designers have made the top 30 mistakes that people make when decorating a house. And the wrong size of the carpet is one of them: a small carpet violates the proportions of the room, and still looks like an alien blotch in the interior.

Carpet should go beyond the furniture. Designer Martin Kobus says: "Make sure that the front legs of the furniture are on the carpet, and then it will not wrap."

14. Quotes on the walls

The online magazine Houzz conducted a survey among its users and asked them: is the quote on the walls cool or stupid? Opinions were divided, but the majority of respondents opposed. “I don’t need a wall that tells me to love my life or eat my food,” says one of the portal users.

15. Toilet Mat

Designers need to get rid of rugs, which usually lie near the toilet. Remember this little rug with a notch? “Take it off immediately,” the decorators say and are right: it’s unhygienic and ugly. An excellent substitute is a rectangular rug located near the base of the toilet bowl.

16. Falsharki

The arch is a popular technique in decorating; they are so common that they can be found even in tiny apartments. However, not all arches are equally beautiful. Designers warn: the arch is appropriate in a large room, when its shape echoes the outlines of the windows or, conversely, softens the sharp corners in the architecture of the house.

Art Nouveau plasterboard arches, which do not correspond to the size of the room, abut the top point against the ceiling and stand out from the general style of the dwelling, look extremely unfortunate.

Do you agree with the list that the designers made up? Or do you have secrets, how to make the house more comfortable? Share your opinion in the comments.

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