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11 misses with the improvement of the kitchen, which can be found in many hosts


Each hostess is free to do whatever she pleases in her kitchen.

But only sometimes she forgets about the sense of proportion, thinking out how to make her “kingdom” even better.

We collected 11 blunders, which it is better not to make, equipping your kitchen.

We look.

1. Kitchen island

Kitchen island with stove.

A trendy kitchen island with a stove in the center of the kitchen is the worst idea that doesn’t suit those who cook regularly but aren’t ready to scrub the area for hours after that. So, with the usual placement of the plate butt against the wall, you only have to wash the apron and the floor by the stove. But a cooking session on an island in the center will result in greasy splashes on the entire worktop, as well as on the floor on either side of the stove.

2. Disposable containers reused

Store disposable food containers.

The gathering of people often pushes people to keep outright trash in the kitchen. For example, some economical housewives with thrill clog up kitchen cabinets with all sorts of useless things. These include disposable containers, which often remain after a meal ordered to the house. However, such containers are completely unsuitable for reuse, respectively, and there is no sense in storing them. As for plastic containers for food, they too should not be too much. In addition, such dishes are not eternal. Deep scratches, cracks and patina are sure signs that it’s time to replace the boxes.

3. Raised lockers

Kitchen cabinets without plinths.

Buying lockers without plinths is one of the most irrational things for the kitchen, which you will regret more than once. In the narrow gap between the cabinet and the floor will accumulate dust, pet hair, fine debris, as well as fat microparticles. As a result, you will have to sweep almost every day, and then carry out wet cleaning of such hard-to-reach places. To avoid all of the above troubles, will help special planochki tightly covering the lower parts of the cabinets.

4. Plastic chopping boards

Plastic chopping boards.

Many housewives, hearing that the wooden boards absorb the smells of the products, immediately rushed to replace them with plastic ones. However, in fact, plastic boards are much more dangerous than wooden ones. Scratches on plastic products are usually much deeper than on wooden ones, and therefore it is much more difficult to clean such a plate. A good housewife should do two things: carefully monitor the state of the cutting boards and use at least two separate plates for raw and ready-to-eat products.

5. Porous floor

Textured kitchen floor.

Despite the huge choice of flooring, the kitchen is best to stay on the most smooth surfaces. But it is better to refrain from textured and porous materials, as a mixture of fat and dust will instantly fill all tiny holes, and the floor will always look dirty.

6. One towel

One towel for all occasions.

Kitchen towel - a subject of increased danger. It is often used, and it does not have time to dry properly, turning into a beneficial environment for the reproduction of bacteria. And if you also use one towel for all needs, the number of pathogens on it increases about 100 times. So, if you care about your health, hang separate towels for hands, dishes and surfaces, change them at least once in 5 days, and better replace textile towels with paper ones.

7. Stand for knives

Bulky stand and a bunch of knives.

A bulky stand and a pile of knives is not a place in your kitchen. Desktop coasters take up too much space, collect dust and debris on themselves, and half of the knives are never used up. For normal cooking at home you have enough three quality knives. And they can be placed on a thin magnetic tape attached to the wall.

8. Tube exhaust

Open corrugation pipe.

Leaving the exhaust pipe open is a big mistake that will affect you in the near future. The fact is that the corrugated material from which it is made, like a magnet, attracts dust, dirt and grease, and the flexible design makes it extremely uncomfortable for cleaning. All these problems can be avoided by replacing the corrugated pipe with a plastic one or simply hiding it in a separate locker.

9. Old household appliances

Store old household appliances.

A toaster in which everything is burning, a broken kettle, a faulty microwave and any other electrical appliances that have failed or been replaced with more modern counterparts, should be disposed of. You do not have to throw it away, you can sell it, give it to someone, or take it to the cottage if necessary. The main thing is that the equipment does not gather dust on the shelves without work and does not occupy a valuable place.

10. Technique on the windowsill

Putting equipment on the windowsill.

Window sill is not the best place for home appliances. Temperature changes can lead to the formation of condensate on the walls and lead to premature failure of electrical appliances. So, even if your kitchen is very small, try to find another place for a microwave, kettle or multicooker.

11. Scale in the kettle

Kettle with scum.

A good housewife has a kettle that is always perfectly clean, not only outside, but inside as well. And scum - not the best additive to tea. Of course, if you drink from such a teapot once or twice, disaster will not occur. But regular consumption of beverages with a scum can lead to blockage of blood vessels, stomach problems and damage to internal organs. To avoid problems, do not forget to regularly clean the inside of the kettle and timely replace it with a new one.

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