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23 fruit secrets that will teach you to create excellent desserts


The fact that fruit is useful, they know, perhaps, everything. But the right to clean, store and cook fruit can sometimes be a science.

Yes, and the beauty of fruit desserts should be taken care of.

In this review, collected tips that will be useful to all, without exception, the hostess who dream that on their table fruit and dishes from them were all year round.

1. Banana ice cream

You need to take as many bananas as you want, peel them and put in the freezer for an hour (approximately, until they freeze). After that, they need to get, cut into small pieces and use a blender to make a banana "mush" (you can add a little water, if required).

How to make banana ice cream.

Depending on the ripeness, the taste of bananas will be different, so you can add additional ingredients such as peanut butter, chocolate chips or honey. Freeze the mixture again and the delicacy is ready.

2. Frozen berries

Berries from the freezer are good at any time.

You can always freeze any berries to make snacks that will be perfectly combined with any cocktails. With their help, you can even cool cold wine without diluting its taste.

3. Fruit ice cubes

This is the easiest and most beautiful recipe.

This is the easiest and most beautiful recipe. You need to put the fruit or pieces to taste in the form of ice, pour water and put in the freezer. After that, these ice cubes with fruit inside can be added to drinks, desserts, etc.

4. Orange Candles

Simple and tasteful.

As you know, ingenuity has no limits. And in the case of fruit, you can engage in creativity, for example, making candlesticks from the halves of this fruit.

5. Apple dreams

To dream the sweetest dreams ...

So that the apples do not darken.

They can be "reanimated" easily with the following recipe. You need to add a couple of tablespoons of honey in a container with water, stir and then put there darkened apples for a few minutes.

7. A memory note when buying avocado

How to choose the right avocado.

Need to tear off the "tail" of avocado. If the fruit has a dark surface under it, it has overripe. If it is yellow, you can safely buy.

8. The remaining avocados

The package is the perfect place to store.

Although it is better to store avocados in the seed cooler (they will be fresher), sometimes you have to store the remaining halves without seeds. Before you put them in the fridge, you need to put the halves in a plastic bag.

9. Overripe bananas

If she had a bunch of bananas.

If at home a bunch of bananas overslept too, it does not matter. We need to clean them, cut them into pieces and freeze. After that, they can make a great smoothie.

10. Homemade dried fruits

Dried fruits can be made at home.

To do this, put the fruit in the oven at a temperature of 55-65 degrees for the following time:
- plums, pears, peaches, bananas, apples - 6 hours;
- grapes, oranges - 8-10 hours;
- Cherry, sweet cherry, strawberry - 12 hours.

11. Frozen Watermelons

A piece of summer icy winter.

You can freeze the melon pulp, cut into cubes, and store it in the freezer throughout the year.

Original watermelon dessert.

This will allow you to enjoy watermelon fruit ice, cocktails and all kinds of watermelon drinks anytime.

12. Fruit against flies

There is one simple but terrific trick to get rid of all the fruit flies in the house - take some sliced ​​bananas and remnants of mango peel, put them in a plastic container and cover with a plastic sheet or lid.

Fruit flycatcher.

Now you need to take a thin and sharp stick to pierce the container right in the center, and within a few days all the flies will be locked in this trap.

13. Frozen delicious grapes kebabs

And grapes can be kebabs.

If someone likes healthy food, you can serve frozen grapes kebabs for dessert or to a drink at the next party. They will appeal to any guest. You can even try frozen pineapples.

14. How to get lemon zest

Beautiful confectionery house.

You can freeze grated lemon peel and add it to many recipes - cold drinks, salads, pasta, pizza, cocktails, etc. There are more antioxidants in the peel than in lemon juice.

15. Lemon slicing technology

The juiciest lemon

You need to cut the lemon along, not across. So you can squeeze more juice.

16. No need for juicer

Tongs instead of juicers.

The juice of the lemon halves can be squeezed using a regular pair of tongs. And do not need any expensive kitchen appliances.

17. Mango slicing technology

Mango slicing technology.

Few people know how simple and stylish is to cut mango. It is necessary to cut the fruit in half, and then make cuts on the pulp in the form of a "lattice" to make cubes. Now we take and simply move these "cubes" to the side from the pit.

18. New theory: pineapple juice will replace the doctor every day.

Pineapple juice - health benefits.

You need to enter pineapple juice in your diet, because it brings a lot of health benefits. And the best part - it is very tasty.

19. Watermelon bowl

Watermelon bowl.

It is necessary to cut the watermelon in half and remove all the flesh from the halves, leaving neat "bowls" out of the rind. You can put fruits in these bowls and serve them on the table.

20. How to easily peel a pomegranate


It is necessary to cut the pomegranate into two halves and slightly pressing the central part, “cut” it out of the skin with a kitchen spoon (preferably wooden).

21. How to creatively cut mandarin

Clean the tangerine correctly.

It's simple. Take the mandarin, cut off two tips and make a cut of the skin on one side, from one tip to the other. After that, the mandarin can be "deployed" as an accordion.

22. Gorgeous strawberries

Gorgeous strawberries.

You can make the healthiest and most beautiful dessert from strawberries just by putting berries on straws. So the easiest way to remove the "tails".

23. Mini Caramel Apples

You can use a special knife for slicing melons to cut tiny pieces out of an apple.

We cut the apples.

And turn into a dessert.

After that, you can chop them on sticks and dip them in caramel.