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How to quickly and effectively get rid of cockroaches in the apartment forever


Probably, there is not a single person who will be glad of the sudden invasion of cockroaches. Uninvited guests not only have an unpleasant appearance, they are also carriers of infectious diseases, which are dangerous primarily for children.

Before you get rid of cockroaches forever in the apartment, you should understand what was the source of their appearance. Only in this case, the methods of struggle will be the most effective. Today in our review we will talk about how to deal with insidious insects.

Take action is necessary after the first visit of the cockroach

Why may cockroaches appear in a residential area

For a successful fight against cockroaches, first of all, you need to understand the reasons why insects have chosen your home exactly for their lives:

  • water - only constant access to it allows the existence of their colony;
  • unsanitary living conditions. There is only one way out in this situation - to clean up the apartment;
  • slotsthrough which insects penetrate freely into your home from neighbors.
At night, all products must be removed.

The most effective means of household chemicals to fight cockroaches in the apartment

If the question arises how to get rid of cockroaches quickly, in this case insecticidal preparations will be good assistants. The trade network has a rather large assortment with different compositions and degree of impact on the baleen.

Sprays and sprays to get rid of cockroaches at home

If you urgently need to learn how to get rid of cockroaches, you can refer to the forums. Experienced users will immediately direct your attention to aerosols and sprays. Their application of complexity will not cause, it is enough just to spray a can into the places of the greatest accumulation of cockroaches.

This should be known! Aerosols and sprays give a good result in the first stage of the fight with uninvited guests. To destroy a large colony, it is better to use complex measures, for example, to additionally set traps or lay out tasty baits.

Aerosols are sprayed near insect aggregations.

The effectiveness of powders and gels

Household chemicals in the form of powders act differently nasatyh:

  • a drug Ecokiller damages the skin and protection of the insect;
  • Front Line M affects the intestinal microflora, after ingestion the powder causes the painful death of an insect;
  • water soluble composition Super face It also paralyzes the nervous system and digestive organs.

Insect Gels

Gels occupy a leading position in the fight against unwelcome neighbors. Chemical active substances penetrate into the body of a mustache, causing paralysis of the internal organs and, consequently, death. However, in the end, they manage to bring poisonous substances to nesting sites, which will kill several more individuals.

The powder effectively acts on the insect

The peculiarity of the use of concentrated solutions against cockroaches

Another way to quickly get rid of cockroaches is to buy a product that is a liquid with an active substance in high concentration. Such drugs have a prolonged effect, they are safe for humans, but disastrous for insects.

How to safely and quickly get rid of cockroaches with the help of folk remedies

You need to be prepared for the fact that quickly get rid of uninvited guests will not work. Many folk remedies are used for a short-term solution of the problem, they are based on components with a pronounced sharp smell:

  • vinegar solution;
  • ammonia;
  • camphor;
  • geranium;
  • lemon.

Only comprehensive and periodic measures will help free the apartment from pests.

The best recipes with ammonia and boric acid for the fight against cockroaches

First of all it is necessary to use a good cure for cockroaches in the apartment - boric acid. It is a strong poison that inhibits the insect's nervous system, paralyzes it, and as a result, it dies from respiratory spasm. The easiest way to buy powder, which is on free sale is in any pharmacy. You can use one of the following recipes.

  1. Powder scatter in places of pilgrimage to the colony, next to plinths, near the sink and sink, as well as the toilet. The mustache will run over it when it goes for water, the composition will settle on its paws and subsequently get inside the body.
  2. Stir the powder with a hard-boiled yolk, and mashed potatoes or flour will do. Then you need to roll up small balls and put them on pieces of paper in places of insect mass accumulation.
Mashed potatoes with boric acid


Cockroaches could not adapt to this smell, so they quickly left the apartment, which they had been treated with alcohol. To do this, add ammonia in the water, which is going to wash the floors. And it is also necessary to make such a composition for processing all surfaces, including walls and ceilings.

The nuances of borax and arsenic from cockroaches

Another effective remedy is sodium salt, or borax. It is recommended to mix it with starch, add a little sugar, then dilute with water to a state of paste. You can also mix the powder with hard-boiled yolk or crushed potatoes. Vanilla sugar must be added as bait. Periodically, the mixture needs to be changed, as it quickly becomes unusable. If you do not know how to get rid of black cockroaches in an apartment, arsenic will be most effective here. It should be mixed with sugar or powder and scattered around the places where the colony and baseboards are most crowded.

It is important! Arsenic is poison, its use in the house with animals or small children requires great care.

Recipe for insects: borax, starch, sugar and vanillin

When is the way to freeze cockroaches

The safest and most effective way of dealing with baleen is lower temperatures, it was also used by our ancestors. For an apartment building this will not work, the risk of freezing of water supply and heating is too high. But for a private house it will be effective. For freezing uninvited guests it is necessary that the temperature in the room reaches the mark of -10 ° C.

This should be known! If the procedure will be carried out in a private house, you need to drain all the water from the system.

To completely destroy the colony, you need to open the windows for a few hours at a temperature of -10 ° C

Aromatherapy in the fight against cockroaches

If you do not know how to get rid of red cockroaches, folk recipes and this time will come to the rescue.

Geranium will not only decorate the kitchen, but also help to remove insects

The effectiveness of mechanical traps in the fight against cockroaches

The trading network offers several types of traps. They are effective both for prevention and for the fight against cockroaches, but only as an aid.

When can apply electrical devices and traps with poisons

First of all it is necessary to pay attention to electric models. This is a metal box inside which the bait is placed. Insect will die from electric shock.

This should be known! Products are absolutely safe for humans and animals, however, they must be located out of the reach of children. Another requirement is that the surface should be completely dry.

Traps with a poisonous bait are plastic boxes with a bait inside. Insects crawl inside, and then the poison is spread throughout the room, thanks to this there is a massive infection of the colony of cockroaches.

The traps of different manufacturers

Making a trap with your own hands

You can make an insect trap with your own hands, the process will not cause any problems.

On a sheet of paper around the perimeter to stick double-sided tape.

Remove the protective film from the tape.

Secure a small piece of tape in the center and also remove the protective film from it.

Glue the empty matchbox in the center. It should subsequently be placed bait, for example, onion slices.

The finished trap is placed under the sink or battery.

In more detail the manufacturing process can be viewed on the video:

How can you permanently destroy cockroaches in the apartment with the help of professionals

If you are interested in how to get rid of cockroaches in a hostel, you should definitely contact companies that specialize in eliminating such guests or in the sanitary station. However, there are pitfalls in this appeal: you will have to pay for the call and the processing of visits.

Representatives of the sanitary station will conduct a comprehensive treatment of the apartment

All measures to prevent the appearance of cockroaches

Preventive measures that prevent the appearance of cockroaches are applied immediately after the treatment of the premises and in order to prevent the spread of the colony throughout the apartment. For this, an entire arsenal of aids is provided:

  • scarerswhich affect the colonies by ultrasound;
  • mechanical trapsin which the poison is placed;
  • special cockroach glueWith it, you can make a trap yourself.
Impact of ultrasound on insects

3 most common mistakes in the fight against cockroaches

To obtain a successful result in the fight against cockroaches, it is not enough just to buy or prepare a compound. First, re-processing will be necessary. Secondly, to avoid mistakes, you should follow the basic rules:

  • Believe in the miracle of cleansing the house from the first time is not worth it. To achieve maximum efficiency, you need to handle the entire apartment, including the most inaccessible places;
  • cost - in this case, the savings will result in even greater spending. This does not apply to the search for cheaper drugs with one active compound. It is important to dilute the concentrated solution according to the instructions and not to save at this stage;
  • excessive cleanliness. Many begin to clean the apartment shortly after treatment. Unfortunately, this is an error, since the compositions retain active actions for up to six months, therefore it is necessary to remove only visible surfaces during this period.
As a preventive measure, first of all, you need to fix the taps, glue the wallpaper and seal all cracks.


We told how to get rid of cockroaches not only in the kitchen, but also in the whole apartment, and about the most effective methods of exposure to anti-mustaches. If this happens, and in the house you find red or black scouts, you will already know how to deal with them. The appearance of the first guest is already an alarm signal, and the sooner you start applying various measures, the more effective the struggle will be.

Have you had to fight cockroaches? What was the most effective way? Share your comments with our readers.

All methods of fighting cockroaches collected on video:

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GeraniumThe flower must be moved to the room with the largest accumulation of insects. Mustache can not stand a sharp smell, and soon they will leave the apartment.
LemonThe sour smell of citrus is also not liked. To resolve the issue with cockroaches, it is enough to leave the sliced ​​fruit on the kitchen table for the night, and soon insects can be forgotten altogether.