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25 ways to create a hall in the style of a house on the sea


Someone every year goes to the sea in his own house on the coast, while others are only dreaming to get housing by the sea. One way or another, but if you wish, you can create such an interior, as the city apartment will seem like a villa on the seashore.

In fact, it is not difficult: choose furniture that is pleasant and suitable for decorating in a beach style. If the hallway is large, a bench, ottoman, shelves and a console table will be useful. If the hallway is small, it is worth confining only to the essentials - usually it is a bench, a locker or shelves. So, let's talk about how you can stylize the console table and benches so that immediately after entering the apartment you can feel the beach atmosphere.


Many may wonder how to create a console table for such an interior. First of all, you need to choose a model that fits the room: a vintage console table is well suited for an apartment in a vintage or chic style, a rustic wooden console table is ideal for an apartment in a beach or country style, and an acrylic table is suitable for a modern or minimalist room. If the hallway is small, you can choose a wall console table. It will be good to put some knick-knacks or small pictures on the marine theme on it. For example, you can choose shells, dried starfish, corals, as well as any dishes (bowls, plates, bottles, etc.) that will meet the marine theme. You can hang a mirror in a frame decorated with a fin.

1. Carved table and mirror in an unusual frame

Carved table makes the interior vintage.

An ancient carved console table was installed in this hallway, where lanterns with starfishes and a bottle of sand were placed on it. Above the table hangs a mirror with a frame of fins.

2. Long table for sea artifacts

On this table there is a place for any sea treasures.

With memories of the sea.

The wooden console table, painted in light colors, harmonizes well with the floor "under a dark tree." Art made of cords, painted bottles and paintings with sea creatures give a special "sea" style to the hall.

4. Vintage table and mini gallery

For people with a sophisticated taste.

"Beach" hallway with a wall hung with knickknacks, art works. Especially noteworthy on the wall are two propellers and a mirror with a frame covered with ropes. Under this "mini-gallery" is a white vintage table.

5. Hallway in blue and white

White-blue color of the sea.

A chic white table with storage drawers, large watercolor inspired by the ocean, striped lamps and corals. All this is done in white and blue.

6. Bright blue accents

And the stool is like a bright blue accent.

A transparent acrylic table with blue vases on it looks good with a stool with dark blue upholstery. Above the table were hung pictures and a mirror.

7. Country style is perfectly combined with marine motifs.

The country-style table fits perfectly into the nautical-style hallway.

Rough hewn wooden table in a rustic style. It would seem that there is a "beach" or "sea" here, but it was precisely this effect that was achieved thanks to a vase with reeds, shells in a bowl, a seahorse made of snag, and lanterns.

8. Tropical motifs

A table almost from Robinson Crusoe.

The wooden console table in this example was made in a tropical design. Wooden art, bottles, lanterns with candles and balls woven from jute are well combined.

9. In the style of the house on the coast

And the paddle to fuck it faster.

The next wooden console came straight from a house on the coast. Stylized oars, shells, snags, ropes, cute "sea" art and a wicker storage basket are immediately apparent.

10. The main thing is the decor

The strength of the interior is in the details.

Another hallway with a small table, which was made in a beach style. The decor is remarkable statuette of fish, baskets, snags and corals.

11. Vases, baskets, corals

Antique table and marine accessories.

White antique console table with bold blue lamps and vases, plants in pots. Obviously, baskets and corals are also useful.

12. Beach luxury

A little gold is nowhere in the way.

Fancy and luxurious "beach" hall. Colors that cast reflections on the sea, a storage basket, white wicker chairs, an inlaid table and a mirror with a frame decorated with shells.

13. Style in detail

A bottle can be the highlight of the whole interior.

A tiny console table with a bottle braided in a rope. Above it were hung a picture with a seascape and a small shelf.

14. Console table and mirror sun

Natural materials - the basis of the marine interior.

A simple vintage console table, baskets, lights, corals, art from a whalebone and a mirror with a wooden frame decorated in the form of the sun.

Benches for the hallway in the "beach" style

The bench is an indispensable element even for the smallest hallway, and again - you need to choose a model that is ideal for the room. A wooden bench is an ideal piece for the interior, so why not make it from a fin. An old bench with storage boxes is great for antique rooms, and if the hallway is very small, you can try the built-in bench. In any case, you can add pillows with a print on it, hang works of art inspired by the sea above the bench, and place baskets for storage under it. The last highlight will be anchors, oars and ropes on the wall near the bench.

15. Bench by the sea

Sit on the bank.

"Beach" hallway with a huge poster, inspired by the sea, and a wooden bench. Under the bench is a wooden bowl, and on it are stacked books and a hat.

16. Bench with soft pillows

Comfortable bench with soft pillows.

Bench with storage boxes and soft pillows on it. A sea accent is given by oars, sea art with shells, corals and a star.

17. Comfortable seat and storage system.

A charming solution for a small hallway.

Built-in bench with storage baskets and a shelf with a beautiful tilland over it. A good solution for a small hallway.

18. At the junction of the case and art

Wooden article and watercolors.

Built-in bench with storage boxes. Aquarelle works were hung over it, and beautiful prints with a print were placed on the bench itself.

19. Interesting details create a view of the beach house.

As if only returned from the beach.

Hallway, which tried to give the appearance of "house on the coast." This contributes a lot to the decor in the form of a watercolor with a boat, a soft bench and a few straw bags.

20. "Beach" space in the interior

The beach does not happen much.

Modern "beach" space with a wooden bench. The design is emphasized by sea-inspired paintings, pillows and vases.

21. Bench from the Hawaiian bar

Authentic details in the interior.

Renovated wooden bench in the form of goats. Coastal themes have been achieved thanks to chambray pillows and paintings inspired by the sea.

22. Minimalistic interior

When the style is in the details.

An example of a "beach entrance", which can be very easily done at home. All you need is a wooden bench, a wicker basket, a drawing with a sea landscape and striped pillows.

23. Bench and many anchors

You are a sailor, I am a sailor.

Antique bench with storage boxes and embroidered pillows on it. An old lantern stands nearby, and decorative anchors made of fin ropes are hung on the wall.

24. Vintage bench with cushions

The bench in vintage style is suitable for any interior.

The next idea is also very simple. Vintage soft bench, storage baskets and wooden fish for decoration.

25. Bench-sill

If there is no space for a bench, you can use a sill.

In this hallway a bench was placed next to the window sill. The decor is emphasized by a stool, an anchor and pillows with a print.

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