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20 juicy kitchen aprons that will transform even the most boring interiors


Even the most boring interior in the kitchen can be transformed with an apron.

Today, not only standard aprons from ceramic tiles can be found on the market, but also glass skins, original mosaics and so on.

These 20 expressive and juicy ideas of kitchen aprons will definitely make you think about the transformation of your kitchen.

1. Bright abstraction

Abstract ornament of bright color on the glass panel will help to revive the interior of the kitchen.

2. Dynamics in zigzags

For a sufficiently dynamic pattern, you can pick up pacifying shades that will help create a balance between the pattern and color.

3. The game of contrasts

An apron of a comfortable for perception color will help smooth out sharp contrasting combinations in the kitchen interior.

4. Rectangular classic

Do not give up the usual classic rectangular tiles - just pick up an unexpected shade.

5. Color geometry

The apron from a tile of saturated color with an expressive geometrical pattern will become decoration of your kitchen.

6. Gorgeous turquoise

The perfect combination - white kitchen furniture with an apron of glass panels of bright turquoise color.

7. Geometric patterns

Glass aprons with crisp, repetitive patterns of cool colors are usually combined with glossy surfaces.

8. Restrained elegance

An elegant combination of a gray apron with dark wood furniture and a light-colored top.

9. Expressive mix

Furniture with a glossy black surface is effectively combined with a glass apron of a rich blue color.

10. Energetic red

Lovers of rich red should remember that before the apron in the interior there should be other elements of the same color.

11. Mat and gloss

The unusual combination of bright glossy apron and countertop with matte black furniture will be the highlight of your kitchen.

12. Bright accents

The combination of a red small apron with wooden furniture will give your interior a cozy rustic charm.

13. Natural shades

An apron made of soothing green tiles with an unusual pattern will make the interior a stylish and modern kitchen.

14. The luxury of onyx

Textured apron of unusual onyx color in the interior of a modern kitchen.

15. Green associations

An apron in the form of a lime-colored tile will attract attention, being surrounded by neutral tones.

16. Catchy orange

A bright apron of rich orange color will be a key element in the interior of a small kitchen.

17. Color balance

An apron of bright sunny color in a spacious kitchen needs additional color accents.

18. Variations of yellow

The harmonious color palette for the kitchen interior is a mustard-yellow apron in combination with white furniture.

19. New orange

Contrasting combination of bright orange apron with frosted purple furniture.

20. Fun shades

A bright combination of yellow and blue is important for the beautiful decoration of the apron in a modern kitchen interior.