Useful ideas

Practical visual advice on how to combine the colors in the interior


Every time when it comes to repair and improvement of the apartment, you must carefully consider everything to the smallest detail from the selection of capes on the sofa to the color solution, which plays an important role in the decoration of the rooms.

And if it turns out to be successful, then even the most ordinary atmosphere will look fresh and cozy. Before you start choosing colors, use our tips.

1. Kitchen

The optimal solution is to choose the interior details of any dark color or shade to the white kitchen.

Pleasant, cheerful, sunny yellow is a great choice if you want to see your kitchen always bright but cozy.

Blue goes well with bright colors (coral, yellow, orange) and light (white, beige).

Lime or lime color, as well as green in the kitchen will look good in combination with white, yellow, lemon.

Purple color as the main in the kitchen. This is a pretty bold decision. It is original and always unusual in the interior.

2. Bedroom

The most winning combinations are beige and white, beige and black, beige and brown, beige and green.

Pink - close to peach. However, it is easier for perception and easier in the selection of color partners.

The blue color in the bedroom goes well with white and dark brown.

Brown is one of the classic colors.

Light gray and shades of brown will help dilute the black color in the bedroom.

3. Living room

Beige color will look great with coffee, brown, golden.

Gray goes well with some shades of green, yellow and brown.

Green color of deep noble shades will make an interior refined and even "rich".

The living room in lilac color is always fresh and elegant. Excellent with this color will be combined pearl, beige, brown, sand.

In moderate amounts, red will make the living room stylish and very fashionable. Add to red is brown, beige, white, gold, black, the color of the metal.

The blue color in the correct non-shouting shade can serve as the background of the room for a long time, because it is light in perception and unobtrusive.

4. Children

If you decide to choose a white color for the child's bedroom - use it in conjunction with pink, light green, yellow, blue.

Yellow color goes well with white, green, blue.

Peach color blends perfectly with blue, red and yellow.

If you choose the right shade of turquoise - the room will be your child's favorite place. After all, it is soft in perception, and at the same time positive in energy.

5. Hallway

Gray goes well with sand. This option is ideal for the hallway.

For the decoration of the hallway, combine bright colors and shades with noble brown and chocolate.

The red accent wall in the hallway, combined with the light floor and the doors, is an ideal color solution.

6. Examples of color combinations in the interior

Olive with chocolate in different shades.

Red combined with white and gray.

All shades of gray with a bright light palette as an accent.

Pale blue lilac combined with light gray.

Dark purple in combination with white and elements of green.

Terracotta in combination with yellow-mustard.